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6SONOF6LUCIFER6 SAID: you take the word of someone else to try prove to me its true... how the fucc are you going to talk about lucifer as a equal to god in the old testament then all of a sudden lucifers gone in the new testament...replaced with the name satan and all of a sudden hes evil... its complete shit.. --answer-> come tutto il satanismo internazionale: non sarà umiliato? tu hai portato la parola di un altro: ie: Isaiah 45.7: per dimostrare che è Dio: crea il male. ma io ho dimostrato a te come tu sei un un asino! ed ora: tu non hai letto l'Antico Testamento: per capire che è San Michele e non il tuo 666Rothschild del signoraggio bancario: il protettore di Israele. Proprio l'Antico Testamento dichiara lucifero: come l'avversario, il nemico, bugiardo ed assassino fin dal principio: proprio come te!

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6SONOF6LUCIFER6 SAID: you take the word of someone else to try to test me, its true ... FUCC how are you going to the talk about equal to Lucifer as a god in the Old Testament then all of a sudden in the New Testament Lucifers gone ... Replaced with the name Satan and all of a sudden hes evil ... ITS complete shit .. - answer-> As all International satanism will not be Humiliated? You has Brought the Word of another: ie: Isaiah 45,7: to prove that God has Creates the evil. but I have shown you as you are a donkey! and now: you have not read the Old Testament: to understand who is St. Michael and not your 666Rothschild of banking seigniorage: the protector of Israel. Just the Old Testament declares Lucifer as the opponent, the enemy, a liar and murderess from the beginning: just like you! you're just an ass with horns