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 Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!]. Hope in Mali rises with international military intervention. Hunted down in North, Christians fear Islamist advance on South. London, January 15 (World Watch Monitor) — French troops have launched a military operation in Mali, aiming at stopping the advance of Islamists from their bases in the north to the South. The French intervention started on Friday, Jan. 11 with air strikes, and had enabled the Malian troops to regain control of the cental town of Konna, occupied by Islamists the day before. Since then, French warplanes have been bombing Islamists' positions in Timbuktu, Gao and elsewhere in the North. More than half of... Read full story »

 Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!] Colombia: Murdered evangelist's widow also killed after threats. 3 orphaned by ELN guerrillas' actions, death threats continue. , January 9 (World Watch Monitor) — Four months after guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) sent a murdered evangelist's wife their first demand to abandon her home in northeast Colombia's volatile Arauca department, the militants made good on their threats, report sources close to Open Doors, a ministry to persecuted Christians. On Monday, Jan 7th 2013, as the family's pastor finished an evening devotional in the home of widow Alicia Castilla, assassins entered the home and opened fire on her w... Read full story »

Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!] Africa rises on World Watch List of worst persecutors. Arab Spring empowers militant Islamist movements. Washington, D.C., January 8 (World Watch Monitor) — Africa, where Christianity spread fastest during the past century, now is the region where oppression of Christians is spreading fastest, a new report says. The two-year-old Arab Spring has toppled autocrats across Northern Africa, but it also has energized militant Islamist movements that have killed hundreds of Christians and endanger thousands more, according to the annual World Watch List, released Tuesday. The list, published by Open Doors International, a ministry... Read full story »

Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!] Nigeria - 30 Christians killed in eve of New Year massacres. Two Borno State attacks 'target' Christians, each kills 15. London, January 7 (World Watch Monitor) — Thirty people were killed in two separate attacks carried out by armed men ahead of the New Year, in North-eastern Nigeria. 15 people were killed in a single attack which occurred on Sunday 30th, when armed men stormed a church service in Kyachi village, outside Chibok, near Maiduguri. According to Mohammed Kanar, the regional coordinator for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the victims were shot by the attackers. ... Read full story »

 Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!] China's Christians seize internet opportunities. Sharing of faith, even challenging censor by speaking out on persecution. London, December 31 (World Watch Monitor) — Chinese Christians are sharing their faith on Weibo, China's giant, state-regulated, social network -- and some are beginning to challenge the censor by speaking out against religious persecution. When Christian band Rainbow Come appeared on China's equivalent of "The X Factor," Christians turned to social networking to drum up votes for the band so their music could reach more Chinese. Within a few days, thousands of votes had been posted for R... Read full story »

 Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!]. Gunmen kill 12 Nigerian Christmas-Eve worshipers. Boko Haram suspected. Potiskum, December 25 (World Watch Monitor) — UPDATE: In two separate attacks, gunmen shot and killed12 worshippers who had gathered for Christmas-Eve services. One attackoccurred in the northeaster Nigerian state of Yobe. Among the dead was the church's pastor, according to news reports. The second attack occurred at a Baptist churchin Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state. World Watch Monitor has used Storify to assemblea roundup of early news coverage of thekillings.Read full story »

Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!] Book review: To find true persecution, look overseas. To find true persecution, look overseas. Colorado Springs, December 21 (World Watch Monitor) — By Steve Rabey Jesus warned his followers that they would experience persecution, a prediction that was already coming true before the books of the New Testament were completed. Today, Shortt argues, "the greatest curbs on religious freedoms take place in Muslim majority countries." Take Egypt, where Christianity grew deep roots in the centuries before Mohammed. Today, there are more than 10 million Christians among a population of more than 80 million. But Christians... Read full story »

Finally, Istanbul gives Syriac Christians a place to build: a cemetery. Syriacs call it a ploy to pit Christian communities against each other. Istanbul, December 18 (World Watch Monitor) — Three years after a Syrian Orthodox foundation applied to build a church in Istanbul, the Greater Istanbul Municipality has granted them a large plot of land and a building permit. Banner headlines in the Turkish media praised the early-December decision as "a first in the history of the Republic," declaring that never before had Turkey allowed a non-Muslim minority to build an official new house of worship. Stil... Read full story »

 Compass Direct News [murderous criminals, hidden among the nations! kill them all with my own hands!] Likely to lose constitution vote, Egyptian Christians gird for long struggle. Religious freedom will have to be won within Islamic system of laws. Cairo, December 14 (World Watch Monitor) — Politically connected Christians in Egypt give credit to the Muslim Brotherhood for one thing: they can win elections. The Brotherhood got 13 million ordinary Egyptians, many of them poor, rural and illiterate, to the polls in June to vote for their presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsi. Governing has been a different matter. "What is helping us today is that the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam are not always clever," said Hassan Ismail, secretary ... Read full story »

last night (just 8 hours ago): I have seen my youngest son: to read the Bible, and if my children, they're not too tired?, they remember, always, spontaneously, to read the Bible, before going to bed, (after all, subrogated so, in this way, the absence of a father in their life) ... he was reading chapter 43: the prophet Isaiah! of course, today YHWH, the Holy speaks with love: both unius REI: in v. 8-9, as well as, to his Jewish people: in all the other verses ..

 King of Saudi Arabia - my friend! who might be: so dumb(until, at this point), so as to: transform: in his big friend, more affectionate, as: unius REI,.. in his more: big enemy, ie, UNIUS REI: which YHWH God, today, HE has given to him? Who is: so: silly: so much idiot: from become: turn bad, all good: that: is coming to him? Of course, the Bildenberg Emma Bobino? she would not be so stupid! Because if today unius REI, that: he is just a man: any, of the road [like all: 7 billion people on the planet]: everyone wants him, as a friend, today! ... So who would not want to be friends with unius REI today? and, what will happen when all the governments of the world will be forced to recognize him as unius REI, publicly? yet, it is a real ruin, which, today, there are: in all the world, so many: criminals idiots, that, own, them are not, still, smart as Emma Bonino Bildenberg!

because, I have given you, a good example! [Because we have to think, that the Pharisees: Illuminati IMF: they are so bad, Satanists, and cruel enough to desire the destruction of Israel: and do: World War III (already cited by Albert Pike, to Mazzini, in 1800): that is, they are all Satanists: the will specifically: in mode: intentional, make rise: the empire of Satan in the world? no! the Illuminati are people like us, but totally full of scared!] and if their own: they are the main victims of this mechanism the IMF? and: they are not more able: to be able to stop: this mechanism: of IMF 666: III WW, alone? So who can protect: their lives: and the whole human race? only, a higher power: in all other powers: can!

 BrotherhoodUniversal ha pubblicato un commento 13 ore fa Segnala spam because, I have given you, a good example! [Who can prevent that, the collapse of the: IMF, not: to become: a tragedy without precedent? only: unius Rei could have the power: To do this, rescue, ie: only: a universal power: shared condivise: and more higher: over any other power!, a power: all over the world, a power: which is not never existed, and which could not, never more exist: again! if this: unius REI: can not be created: by love? World War III: it will be inevitable because the war world: is the structure: of the IMF! .. but, this disaster would have been only: an your responsibility, because, I have given you a good example!

if the Illuminati, 666 Pharisees IMF: if they stop the run: forced: inevitable: of IMF-NWO? to save Israel, and FOR, avert: World War III? then: all bank deposits will be disintegrated! 100,000,000 people: die: for heart attack, and, 2 billion people: die of hunger, and other 2 billion people will die: in the inevitable: civil wars and revolutions .. all Enlightened Pharisees: they will all be killed, along with everyone: politicians, and all Masons, and all the rich, that is, first, that, the governments of the world, they can find a solution to the problem --- ANSWER - - so it is much more logical, to thinking can affrontale: world War III: to allow: a new monetary cycle: [paralyzed and devitalizing, based on the currency of the debt, stolen the sovereignty of all nations: that is, seigniorage bank, ie the triumph of Satan over the world] who can BE ABLE TO RISE! after all, who has the power to stop Satan?

I have worked: 1. for four years: [satan-is-faggot. blogspot. com]. of lorenzojhwh. Date of entry 30/mar/2008, Israel Country] 2. for: 8 hours at day: about: 365 days a year .. why? - Why? why? for love of God, and: for love of all: 7. billion: of precious human beings of my time, all the precious creatures made ​​by God YHWH, for "the image and likeness of God", so that none of them is lost! and I, I am only a servant of God like so many! but this is a time much too important! I have worked to reach this moment, for this moment: now, I only today, I can conclude, and: find the political consequences: rational and shared: so universal, of all this mine enormous work

Synnek1 posted a comment 1 hour ago Report spam The exclusion and rejection of God - ANSWER - no! God and unius REI, do not exclude anyone! no matter the seriousness of the misconduct (idolatry, satanism, cannibalism, seigniorage banking, ecc..), but , to all people: must be given the chance to redeem his own life for the last time, for other once again: only! this is the time of salvation, you do not lose touch: with me!

[What is more important for me: unius REI]: lol. you must not think that, I do not discourage, me, but, I can never .. only that, I can not afford: to myself, to be discouraged, because the task of the columns of the Temple, is to not give up! so, we must all be prepared spiritually to withstand all: that: it can be in the world! previous generations have fought, and have sent to us, life in the midst of incredible difficulties, and also, we have a duty to pass: the relay of life for future generations! but the Satanist: he is already dead, he has no children to leave: behind him! Also from this point of view: the activities of the Satanist can be solto: destructive and parasitic: therefore with the atheist Benedetto Croce: I beg all atheists: "save the cultural value: 1. both of symbols, which, civilization Christian! "because the Pharisee IMF wants to cut our roots (Judeo-Christian) in order to make of all: us his predation

[What is more important for me: unius REI]: 1. to stay on this page, and be the educator (the reference point) of all peoples? to protect all people from despair, imminent, that the Pharisee of the IMF, has designed: to destroy Israel. or, 2. to go to Jerusalem and to do, the king of the Jews, to add: my voice, to that, of all the others? 3. but, I do not have a problem with the power, I am already unius REI, and my ministers are deadly: although for me, every life must be preserved, however, the traitors of my Kingdom (accomplices of Satan) must be stopped, somehow!

 [What is more important for me: unius REI]: 4. now, Jesus said: "My kingdom is not of this world!" Jesus said it, so, because he was not a politician, as instead I am! but instead, I am a politician, and my kingdom: it is also, in this world (in my time) .. 5. so will be: always, the demands of political justice: to prevail for me! because, the life of the rich criminal, should, for me, the most precious, of the: innocent poor, that is, his victim? In this way, I have a duty to impose an immediate justice, and my ministers "invisible" will execute, my judgments, it is inevitable, then, that my methods are different from those of God

king Saudi Arabia: King of criminals! 666 DAMN, Satanists, hoes, rats, lizards, spiders, lice, parasites, cannibals, voodoo witches, monsters, aliens, freemasons, demons, evil, halloween, devil, Marduk, Enlightened, sharia, 322: Freemasonry, IMF FED ECB, COCKROACHES, SCORPIONS, globalists, aliens abductions, micro chip, corporations, SNAKE, THEY ARE wAITING FOR ME TO LEAVE: FROM THIS PAGE, IN ORDER TO SHOW UP! but, is the sewer, their world? is all scam fake! but, this is my kingdom, ie universal brotherhood!

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I'm like Rothschild, I am not intervene, in mode invasive manner in the States, then, why you prefer that parasite 666, usurer, 322 IMF, NWO, aliens abductions of: World War III, which makes you pay even money at interest, instead of: prefer me?

 01/11/2013[another criminal sharia] IRAQ Mgr Sako: torn and violent, Iraq is in an "Arab winter" for Christians and Muslims. The archbishop of Kirkuk slams the use of religion for "political purposes" and the danger of sectarian division of the country. Ten years after the fall of Saddam, the situation is worse and people are "disheartened". He calls on the Church and the next patriarch to be sources of unity, dialogue and a guarantee for the Christian presence in the Middle East. Rome (AsiaNews) - In Iraq, religion plays an essential role but is used for "political purposes". Following the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, a "sectarian mindset" has set in, pushing communal identity over national unity, this according to Mgr Louis Sako, who spoke to AsiaNews in a long interview about the recent history of Iraq, the Middle East and his country's Christians.

01/12/2013 VIETNAM Carmelite monastery and Church property targeted, archbishop of Hanoi says In a letter to government and municipal authorities, the prelate reiterates legitimate Catholic rights. He condemns the demolition of an historic sacred place whose religious function should be preserved. He appeals to the faithful to pray and defend the Church's "rightful rights". 01/12/2013 KYRGYZSTAN Kyrgyzstan to restrict further religions, boost penalties and limits on worship Kyrgyzstan's State Commission for Religious Affairs and its National Security Committee propose tougher measures to restrict freedom of worship. Activist is concerned the authorities want to raise money at the expense of religious communities, including youth prayer groups.

Egypt, saudi imperialism [ 01/14/2013 horror sharia ] EGYPT: 15 years in prison for mother and seven children, converts to Christianity.] The case concerns Nadia Mohamed Ali, a mother of eight children, born Christian, but converted to Islam to marry her husband. After his death, she decides to return to her original religion with her children. The authorities accuse her of having changed names on documents to skip procedure.

Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The criminal court of Beni Suef (115 km south of Cairo) has sentenced an entire family to prison for converting to Christianity.

Egypt, saudi imperialism [ 01/14/2013 horror sharia ] EGYPT: 15 years in prison for mother and seven children, converts to Christianity.] Nadia Mohamed Ali and her children Mohab, Maged, Sherif, Amira, Amir, and Nancy Ahmed Mohamed abdel-Wahab will spend 15 years in prison. Seven other people involved in the case were sentenced to five years in prison. The case of the family of Nadia Ali Mohamed began in 2004 when, after the conversion, she and her children decided to replace their Muslim names on their identity cards with their Christian names and city of residence change. To do this she was aided by seven Registry office employees e. Born Christian, she had changed her religion to marry her husband Mustafa Mohamed Abdel-Wahab. After the man's death in 1991, Nadia decided to return to her religion of origins and to push her seven children to convert. In 2006, one of the boys was arrested by police in an information center in the city of Beni Suef.

Egypt, saudi imperialism [ 01/14/2013 horror sharia ] EGYPT: 15 years in prison for mother and seven children, converts to Christianity.]  Suspicious of the young man from the documents he as carrying, where he had changed its name to Bishoy Malak Abdel-Massih, police agents interrogated him for hours until he confessed his conversion to Christianity as desired by the mother. The judges then decide to stop not only the woman, but all of her children and seven clerks from the registration office, responsible for changing the documents. An individuals religious faith is listed in Egyptian identity cards. Christians, converted to Islam for various reasons that attempt to return to the religion to which they belong have enormous difficulty in correcting their names on the documents. This leads many people to forge them, risking prison. The reverse process, ie the transition from Christianity to Islam is not hindered, and in many cases is favored by the very Registry officials.

IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!] The archbishop of Mosul is dead. Bishop of Arbil: "A heavy Cross for our Church, ahead of Easter". The cause of death is still unknown. The pope's expression of sorrow. Mosul (AsiaNews) - The Chaldean archbishop of Mosul is dead. Archbishop Faraj Rahho was kidnapped last February 29 after the Stations of the Cross. His kidnappers gave word of his death, indicating to the mediators where they could recover the body of the 67-year-old prelate. "It is a heavy Cross for our Church, ahead of Easter", Bishop Rabban of Arbil tells AsiaNews in response to the news. Leaders of the Chaldean Church, including Bishop Shlemon Warduni, brought the body to the hospital in Mosul to ascertain the causes, still unknown, of the archbishop's death.

[IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!] The funeral will be held tomorrow in the nearby city of Karamles. Archbishop Rahho will be buried near Fr Ragheed, his priest and secretary killed by a terrorist brigade on June 3, 2007, while leaving the church after celebrating Mass. The archbishop had been very sick. He had suffered a heart attack a few years ago, and since then he had needed to take medication every day. The difficult negotiations for his release carried forward over the past 14 days of his kidnapping had immediately raised concern because of the total absence of direct contact with the hostage. The conditions posed by the kidnappers - sources in Mosul tell AsiaNews - in addition to an outrageous ransom on the order of millions of dollars, had also included the provision of weapons and the liberation of Arab prisoners held in Kurdish prisons.

[IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!]The news of Archbishop Rahho's death "profoundly wounds and saddens" the pope, says the director of the Vatican press office, Fr Federico Lombardi. Benedict XVI hopes that "this tragic event may renew once again and with greater force the efforts of all, and in particular of the international community, for the pacification of this greatly tormented country". Three times in recent days, the pope had launched an appeal for the liberation of the bishop. Numerous Muslim leaders had also spoken out for the prelate's release, both Sunnis and Shiites, in Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan, and also condemned the action as "contrary to Islam". 06/03/2007 20:13 IRAQ A Chaldean priest and three deacons killed in Mosul Fr Ragheed Ganni, 34, was hit by gunfire in front of the Church of the Holy Spirit. Three deacons, who served as his aides, were also killed.

[IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!]Baghdad (AsiaNews) -- An armed group gunned down and killed Fr Ragheed Ganni and three of his aides. The murder took place right after Sunday mass in front of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Mosul where Father Ragheed was parish priest. Sources told AsiaNews that hours later the bodies were still lying in the street because no one dared retrieve them. Given the situation tensions in the area remain high.For some time since the fall of Saddam Hussein Christians have become victims of what amounts to an open campaign of persecution often denounced by Chaldean and Orthodox bishops. Father Ragheed himself had been targeted several times in previous attacks. The Church of the Holy Spirit has also been repeatedly attacked and bombed in the last few years, the last time occurred but a few months ago.

[IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!] Father Ganni was a great friend of AsiaNews. He had studied in Italy and was fluent in Arabic as well as Italian, French and English. In 2005 he had visited Italy where he gave testimony during the Vigil to Eucharistic Congress in Bari. (Photo: Father Ragheed, first left, participating in a priestly ordination in Mosul). 01/08/2013 17:30 IRAQ. More Christian blood in Mosul, car bomb kills Christian university student The bomb went off in front of a supermarket near the local university. The medical student, who was in his last year of study, was killed instantly. Dozens of other people were hurt in the blast, which caused widespread material damage. The violence, sources tell AsiaNews, is the result of a power struggle between Sunni, Shia and Kurdish groups to divide the country into enclaves.

[IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!] Mosul (AsiaNews) - More Christian blood was shed today in Mosul, northern Iraq. A Christian university student was in fact killed by a car bomb, a day after the body of a 54-year-old Christian teacher, Shdha Elias, was found, her throat cut. These deaths, involving members of the Christian minority, are an illustration of the rising tensions in the city and across the country as Sunnis, Shias, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen vye for power and control. Against a backdrop of a Kurdish president, Jalal Talabani, still in poor health after suffering a stroke last month, and persistent political uncertainty, tensions are fast rising. The inability of the central government in Baghdad to cope with terrorist attacks is not helping either. In Mosul, the car bomb exploded this morning in front of a supermarket in al Alamia, near the city's university, local sources told AsiaNews.

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    @ Russia - what, you are a bitch! you want to sell, also, my comment, to recover your money, to Cipro, from the IMF 666? how, you has to sell, your sailors, killed, into nuclear submarine? Certainly, for a prostitute like you, everything has a price! then, you too will soon go to destruction with all, your money, cursed by Satan, IMF god owl JabullOn! but, if, you do not destroy the IMF? War III world, Necessarily, needs to be addressed! and then, that Matter to us if all Muslims together with Israel, were exterminated all togheter? no! to me, it matters, Because That Is My Own Kingdom of Palestine!


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    @ Russia animals - dirty! lol. is because last night, you saw a home movie porn, for that matter, that the Enlightened: 666 Pharisees of the IMF, they decided to punish you to Cyprus? .. that's for sure! with, three scams, that is, three false accounting, the IMF, took control of all power, for all those, who want to be blackmailed (intelligente, smart, IMF is Iran), is the true arbiter of life and death, of all human beings, on this planet .. but, then, what's wrong if the Holy Talmud, said to do so? goyim are not only the animals in human form?


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    because the money from god-Rothschild 666, god Baal OWL is created, really, since by "nothing"? then: there is no interest, of give, due to "nothing." then: is the debt: public, and, as the debt: private, are the greatest wear and, big usury, of the story .. This said, the scientist Giacinto Auriti, therefore: the case of Cyprus, was planned: to "punish" Russia! in fact, as: it is easy to show: there are too many steps: where it is essential to do the accounting fraud: in the monetary system .. because: the money is created out of nothing, but then when, is purchased with: government bonds, the budget is closed: zero! then, where it ends, then, the first 100%: of money of the world? (Source: scientist Giacinto Auriti)


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    poiché, il denaro dal dio-Rothschild 666, god Baal OWL, viene creato, veramente, dal: "nulla"? poi non è dovuto nessun interesse al: "nulla". quindi il debito pubblico, ed il debito privato sono la più grande usura, strozzinaggio della storia.. questo ha detto lo scienziato Giacinto Auriti, di conseguenza il caso Cipro, è stato pianificato per "punire" la Russia! infatti, come è facile dimostrare sono troppi i passaggi dove è indispensabile fare falso in bilancio nel sistema monetario.. perché il denaro viene creato dal nulla, ma, poi, quando viene comprato con i titoli di Stato, il bilancio viene chiuso a zero? dove finisce, il primo 100% del denaro di tutto il mondo? (fonte: scienziato Giacinto Auriti)


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    il caso CIPRO? è l'unica soluzione agli squilibri, che, il criminale sistema monetario: massonico, privato SpA, del signoraggio bancario, ha creato.. diversamente? è la guerra mondiale la sola soluzione!

[IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!] The dead man was Ayyoub Fauzi Auyyoub Al Sheikh, a Christian medical student on his last year of study. Eyewitnesses said he died instantly, and that dozens of people were wounded from the blast, which caused major material damages. For the past two weeks, the atmosphere in the city has been getting worse, the more so since the local administration and the central government in Baghdad have been involved in a tug-of-war. The city's governor, Athil Al Nujjaifi, is a member of an Islamist party close to the Muslim Brotherhood. He is also the brother of Ussama Al Nujjaifi, speaker of the National Assembly. "Sunnis control the cities of Anbar, Diala, Salah addin', Tikrit, Mosul and Kirkuk with Kurdish support," Iraq experts explained. Their alliance is in opposition to Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki, who is a Shia. Their aim is "to divide the country into enclaves."

[IRAQ: Sharia horror: Saudi Arabia Imperialism: christians 1200.000, with Saddam, today: 200.000!] Minorities are the biggest losers from all this, including Christians who have no power base or group that can defend their interests. Since the US invasion of 2003, which led to the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraq's Christian community lost more than half of its members. In the case of the Christian teacher, whose body was found yesterday, other anonymous sources said that she "lived alone" and was "an easy target for criminals." For them, she "was probably killed during a robbery." Yesterday, after her body was recovered and prepared, she was buried right away. In the past, Mosul saw other major Christian figures murdered, including abducted Bishop Faraj Rahho, and Fr Ragheed Ganni. (DS)