Turchia, Arabia Saudita, Iran, Siria, LEGA ARABA, califfato mondiale,

    Bush: CIA IMF 666: did destroy: 1000.000 of Christians in Iraq, to make possible the destruction of Israel. "Be thou faithful unto death, I will give you the crown of life." (2:10-11). "We are confident that our Saad is in the Father's glorious kingdom because the Lord's promise is real ". "This evening my family and I renew our faith and trust in the Lord and say: to Him, all glory and praise and thanksgiving and honor and power and might, forever and ever. Amen." During his homily, the Archbishop said that the sacrifice of the martyrs is a reference point for our faith. "Again tonight we celebrate the memory of a great number of innocent Iraqis who have shed their blood unjustly Christians and Muslims. This is an important time to renew our faith in God and strengthen our faith and hope. At the same time we must all condemn these heinous acts of violence, which is an insult to religion and humanity and that does not honor our present civilization. "

    Bush: CIA IMF 666: did destroy: 1000.000 of Christians in Iraq, to make possible the destruction of Israel. "The tragedy of the Church of Our Lady of Salvation is still vivid in our memory but also attacks on mosques in the name of God is an offense to God and does not have anything in common with God nor with humanity. For our part, we Christians, we deplore this acts of injustice and we strongly believe that change and democracy are not brought about with weapons, but with dialogue and the willingness of collaboration. And that the God who created us is love and mercy, and He will not allow thei blood to have been shed in vain, but will welcome it as a satisfactory gift in His glorious kingdom .. And this blood is the seed of hope, peace, stability and security for our country. "

    Bush: IMF CIA 666: destruir: 1000.000 de cristianos en Irak, para hacer posible la destrucción de Israel... 11/02/2012 [Intolerancia islámica: imperialismo Arabia Saudita: crimen de lesa humanidad] IRAQ."Living together is not a formula, but it is the integration of human, social, spiritual and political culture. This requires the willingness of political leaders to dialogue, to work together and maintain the unity of the country, peace, justice and harmony. Enough violence, defend the lives of people, each person killed is a huge loss for us and for our country. "Bush: IMF CIA 666: a fait détruire : 1000.000 des chrétiens en Irak, pour rendre possible la destruction d'Israël... 11/02/2012 [Intolérance islamique : l'impérialisme saoudien : Crime contre l'humanité] Irak.

    Bush: IMF CIA 666: did destroy: 1000.000 of Christians in Iraq, to make possible the destruction of Israel.. 02/11/2012 [Islamic intolerance: Saudi imperialism: Crime against humanity] IRAQ. Mons. Sako: la tragedia della Cattedrale di Bagdad è un punto di riferimento per la nostra fede. Ricordate a Kirkuk le vittime della strage di due anni fa e anche i 37 cristiani uccisi in città del 2003 a oggi. La testimonianza della sorella di un giovane ingegnere rapito e assassinato: "Non importa quello che viviamo, è importante come lo viviamo e come riuscire a trasformare questi eventi per un incontro con Dio e con gli altri". Kirkuk (AsiaNews) - La memoria del gran numero di iracheni innocenti che hanno versato il loro sangue ingiustamente - cristiani e musulmani - è un momento forte per rinnovare la nostra fede in Dio e rinforzare la nostra fiducia e speranza.

    @king Saudi Arabia --- sharia horror --- enough, to do the monkey man, in the cave, with the Club in his hand. stop! just think, my Holy Islam: as, an imperialism: to conquer the world through, violence and terrorism. scolds you, the Holy Spirit ... "beast of an profound Satanic hell!" basta, a fare lo scimmione, nella caverna, con la clava in mano. stop! basta, a pensare che, il mio santo Islam: possa essere un imperialismo: per conquistare il mondo, attraverso, la violenza ed il terrorismo! rimprovera te, lo Spirito Santo.. "bestia immonda, del profondo inferno satanico!"


    11/04/2012 VATICAN Pope: love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable and in mutual relationship During the Angelus, Benedict XVI comments on Jesus ' teaching on the "greatest commandment, the commandment of love". Looking at the other "with the eyes of God" captures the deep desire to be loved and " by opening myself to the other person, just as he or she is, by reaching out, by making myself available, I am also opening myself up to know God, to feel that He is there and is good ". Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable and are in mutual relationship" because on the one hand looking at the other "with the eyes of God

    11/03/2012. INDIA - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES [ Criminal Saudi imperialism: Abu Dhabi: Pakistani kills an Indian Christian doctor. The shadow of fundamentalism] by Nirmala Carvalho The suspect, Mohamed Abdul Jamil, has stabbed Dr. Rajan Daniel eight times. Motives still unknown. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) criticizes the silence of the Indian government and denounces growing radicalism - Hindu and Muslim - in India. Mumbai (AsiaNews) - A brutal murder has schocked the Indian Christian community in the UAE: Dr. Rajan Daniel, 58, urologist at the Ahalia Hospital in Abu Dhabi, was killed with eight stab wounds by Mohamed Abdul Jamil, 46, a Pakistani national. A native of Kerala, the Christian doctor died on the spot: after hearing the screams, the hospital staff found his body in a pool of blood, with a deep wound in the throat.

    [ Criminal Saudi imperialism: Abu Dhabi: Pakistani kills an Indian Christian doctor. The shadow of fundamentalism] The police immediately stopped Jamil, who for the moment remains the only suspect. . The incident occurred in the late afternoon of November 1. The victim leaves behind a wife and a son. For Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), this murder indicates the "fragility of the Christian community" abroad, and denounces the "grave indifference" of the Indian authorities before the "brutal murder of a Christian." For the moment, the investigation has failed to reveal any details. Jamil was native to eastern Pakistan's tribal areas, but it is not clear what brought him to Abu Dhabi.

    [ Criminal Saudi imperilism: Abu Dhabi: Pakistani kills an Indian Christian doctor. The shadow of fundamentalism]The police believe that the murderer may have been a patient of the victim, but the causes of his action are still unknown. According to Sajan George "the government of Pakistan and its allies have already started to make up stories to justify the murder." However, he adds, "lack of justice on the part of the Government of Kerala, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister" is even more serious, which still have failed move to "give justice to the doctor's family."

    Although it happened in the UAE, the president of the GCIC says the assassination of Dr. Daniel once again highlights the problem of "growing fundamentalism" and the "radicalization of Indian society." These elements, said Sajan George, "are putting lives, property, and public liberty and private life of the Christian community in danger " in addition to "affecting the development of the nation, in particular the well-being of the poor and marginalized." For the Christian leader, ultra-nationalist Hindu and the silence of the authorities are responsible for these radical movements. However, he notes, "even the tentacles of Islamic fundamentalism are spreading." In this sense, the Popular Front of India (PFI), a confederation of Muslim organizations in the country, which has about 800 thousand members, is a primary concern.

    [ Criminal Saudi imperialism: Abu Dhabi: Pakistani kills an Indian Christian doctor. The shadow of fundamentalism] Despite the PFI 's claims to defend the human rights of all communities, many believe it is responsible for feeding a climate of tension, as was recently the case with mass internal exodus, following the tensions in Assam. It is also the case of some recent statements by KM Shareef, national general secretary of the Confederation: in defending themselves against accusations of links to terrorism in Pakistan, he attempted to put the neighboring nation in a bad light, saying that "maintaining friendly ties with Pakistan should be avoided not only not to promote terrorism, but also to avoid indulging in activities such as human trafficking of Hindu girls. " A criticism indirectly addressed to the central government, which this past year has been trying to re-establish relations with the country.

    [ Criminal Saudi imperialism: Abu Dhabi: Pakistani kills an Indian Christian doctor. The shadow of fundamentalism] 09/22/2008 ITALY - INDIA. Cardinal Bagnasco: events in India underscore urgency of protecting religious freedom. 12/02/2011 PAKISTAN. Faisalabad, 18 year old Christian woman killed during an attempted rape. 08/10/2007 PAKISTAN. After years of torture at the hands of his Muslim landlord, he quits and is murdered. 07/20/2010 PAKISTAN Faisalabad, murdered brothers buried. Justice and Peace: abolish the blasphemy law now 10/28/2008 PAKISTAN Another "honor killing": 17-year-old Pakistani girl murdered

    @youtube --- [if we want a better world? we must be worthy!] I consider highly criminal, which the Islamist Government, institutions, make, videos, about, poor Christian martyrs, or about: Wafa Sultan, because, these children of the Devil: they both sound rights means that: rights, video on video that are of course. disclosure of not, sensitive information. and, because you are not brand names, these videos are dangerous, with the color red?! then, too, you're the accomplice of ruin of Christian martyrs! together with the CIA, IMF; MOSSAD, I don't want to be the victim of bullying, this Satanist of: nazi CIA, who decided: to mark my comments, because my channel is in a State of precarious legal status:, for formal reasons


    ??? のでサタニストか何かですか? Inviato a: allDavidDuke -- answer --SONO IL FMI! per la conquista del mondo 666 322 massoneria, poteri occulti. per distruggere il monoteismo ... 国際通貨基金(IMF)です!世界666322石積みの征服のために、オカルトパワー。一神教を破壊する

    Gary Freeman has posted a comment 2 days ago David Duke Accepts evolution you dumbass. - ANSWER --- David Duke is an idiot, too often, for too many Reasons, he hides the martyrdom of Christians in Iran, and all accomplices of any crimes, by reason of his silence, they can not enter the kingdom of God! Also Then David Duke go in the Hell!

    @jews my brothers --- guys, I in these five years, I've been busy a lot, for you, and for everyone, Peoples, but you that you did? What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for? the time: for your demons? ie, for you to go to hell, that is, no return ticket? ragazzi, io in questi cinque anni, mi sono impegnato parecchio, per voi, e per tutti, ma voi che avete fatto? cosa aspettate, cosa state aspettando? il momento: dei demoni, per voi di andare all'inferno, cioè, il biglietto di andata senza ritorno?


    Nosferothu, CIA scam: for banking seigniorage, mossad, ie all fake scam masonic system, --- After all, your problem is that you are a loser: for Satan CIA IMF 666 322 NWO! those who resorted to violence or deceit: the abuse, intimidation and bullying, is the weak, petty criminal, is because he has no valid arguments, just like North Korea, etc.. but, then, the list would be too long! you scared me, just because you are a loser, because you are a Satanist atheist! you don't want me on your side, only, because then everybody can see, like, you are the toilet of a sewer, while I am a star

    Nosferothu the satani CIA IMF 322 nazi, Stalinist, NWO, occult power, of baal god owl, Maoist: 666, dictatorial regime, Nazi intolerant, said: has posted a comment 2 hours ago: Religion should be banned from youtube.

    John 3.16 For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. This is for the youtube page ....


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    Οὕτως γὰρ ἠγάπησεν ὁ Θεὸς τὸν κόσμον, ὥστε τὸν Υἱὸν τὸν μονογενῆ ἔδωκεν, ἵνα πᾶς ὁ πιστεύων εἰς Αὐτὸν μὴ ἀπόληται ἀλλ᾽ ἔχῃ ζωὴν αἰώνιον. John 3,16 For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. This is for the youtube page....

1di3 [the: Sovereignty] it belongs: at the people: as: is says in the: Constitution, and not belongs to the freemasons or at the Jews: "enlightened" that, they have stolen through the: theft of the monetary sovereignty (or banking seigniorage) the all peoples well are been impoverished: no longer has access? to their rights: in fact. Since his rights have become only theoretical! Because institutions are dysfunctional, and, they are very expensive: for the: people too impoverished, morally deprived, culturally. The State has been transformed: in an killer: of the people: to: because of unfair taxes, which, for the: 70%: are to serve: buying by enlightened Jews: of our own money!

2di3 [ Sovereignty] is of the: people, in fact, when Satan said to Jesus: "if, you do adoration of me? I will give to: you: all of the kingdoms: of the world.". Jesus chose to go on the cross, because the devil is always a criminal usurper, abusive, rebellious, liar and murderess. is with the deception that Satan has stolen the reign to Adam: So Satan could never be: for God, the rightful owner: of the kingdom! Here, because for many generations: of, Freemasons, politicians, thieves, gluttons, that is, and elite: leaders: all array of the traitors: against the people: All their fell down in the hell: for, this crime: that is so abhorrent, that, every? goodness, piety and generosity of their: is canceled before God

3di3 [the Sovereignty] Mason and all: and each of the partner: of banking seigniorage, ie: the: IMF- New World Order: is take; is stolen, what is the right of the peoples ? You will be cursed: for ever! I swear, solemnly against all those, who do not fight against the: banking seigniorage "in the name of the: Living God: of the our fathers, YHWH: the: Holy: Holy, Holy, the God of: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ. you will live a cursed life: unhappy and you will undergo many misfortunes: also the misfortunes, you will undergo the 3 ° WWnuclear: where you'll see all the death of the your world: you will get off alive into an abyss of: despair and: of: destruction of hell. " and: the Church say "Amen, Hallelujah, hallelujah"

@ILLUMINATI -  Satan? He is so delicate! his health? very poor! enlightened? I'm? thinking of you, and I'm providing for you! in Jesus's name Amen hallelujah your King of Israel, ie: UniusRei

@ILLUMINATI --  satana? lui è così delicato! la sua salute? molto cagionevole! enlightened? io sto pensando a voi, ed io sto provvedendo per voi!

in Jesus's name: Amen hallelujah .. il tuo Re di Israele: ie : Unius Rei

ItsOver900O SAID: Nah, bro, I doubt it. --answer -- just because you doubt the faith in God?

You should not blaspheme against God! that is the intelligence is in your attitude?

@Busch, Rothschild, Blair, Freemasons, politicians or the British monarchy? if they are Christians? if love and believe in God the zionist?

God bless the atheists, then! because I do not know Satanists worst of them! se sono cristiani: Busch, Rothschild, Blair, massoni, politici o la monarchia inglese? se amano e credono in Dio le lobby ebraiche del signoraggio bancario? Dio benedica gli atei: allora! poiché, io non conosco satanisti peggiori di loro!

    @朝鮮,金正云,你是白痴的蛆蟲,全是水,所有的煙和NO烤!你有煩惱世界的一切,你的patetic這部劇,只是因為,你需要一碗飯,而不是死於飢餓的 乞丐!醜陋的廢話,一個精神病罪犯!你的家庭的偶像,都失敗了,因為,所有這些都是,你必須死,所有的飢餓嗎? ,如果你這樣做不是免費的,所有的基督徒烈士,從lagher。從我的角度來看呢?我讓你餓肚子真的!醜陋的廢話,一個刑事瘋子!你的家人的偶像都失敗 了,因為你有餓死嗎?如果你不交的話,所有的基督徒,從您的lagher中。從我的角度來看呢?我讓你餓肚子,真的! ----慘了!如果你的骨頭,好讓按鈕嗎?法利賽人,IMF已有666被盜!


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    Miserable! and if your bones, were good to make the buttons? the Pharisees IMF would Already 666 stolen to you!


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    @ 북한, 김정일 취소, 물 FULL 바보, 병신 아, 모든 연기 NO 구이입니다! 당신은 배고픔으로 죽어하지, 밥 한 그릇을 필요로하는자가 아르해서, 모든 세계, 당신의 patetic이 드라마를 소홀히했습니다! 사국의 추한 부분의, 범죄 정신병 자야! 가족 우상은 실패 때문에,이 모든, 당신이 죽을 필요가, 기아의 모든? 그리고, 당신은 무료로하지 않으면, 모든 기독교인 순교자, 당신 lagher에서. 보기 내 관점에서? 난 당신이 정말 굶어주세요! 사국의 추한 부분, 범죄 정신병 자야! 모두가 기아에 죽어 때문에 가족 우상은 실패? 당신이 제공하지 않는 경우, 당신 lagher에서 모든 그리스도인. 보기 내 관점에서? 정말, 당신은 굶어주세요! 그지 ----! 와 뼈가있는 버튼을 만들 좋은한다면?바리새 파 IMF 당신에게 이미 666 도난 것입니다!

YouTube Rewind 2012


North Korea: "Missiles ready to attack the U.S." .. North Korea puts the army on alert:

"Ready to attack U.S. and to its foundations"

The order of the command of the armed forces released by the official also covers strategic missile units: possible target nordamericanao the mainland and the islands of Hawaii and Guam. The appeal of China - ANSWER @ North Korea, Kim Jong-un, YOU ARE AN IDIOT faggot, FULL OF WATER, ALL SMOKE AND NO ROAST! YOU HAVE annoyed all the world, all this your patetic drama, just because, you are the beggar who needs a bowl of rice, not to die of hunger!

    03/25/2013 . CHINA - BRICS .Emerging countries thinking about a joint bank against West BRICS members, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, are set to meet in Durban to discuss the creation of a new institution that could challenge the dominance of the (US-led) World Bank and the (European-led) International Monetary Fund. Experts warn it still too soon, and that "these countries must show that they can overcome the crisis".Beijing (AsiaNews) - The BRICS group of emerging nations plans to set up a new joint bank at their annual meeting to oppose the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, deemed "Western" structures that "do not reflect changes in the modern world." A BRICS bank could start with US$ 10 billion seed money from each of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). --- ANSWER --- BUT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? make yourselves slaves of the Talmud, and Rothschild save all your lives as slaves. @666 burn satana IMF -- tira fuori il tuo marciume da questa pagina! amen, in Jesus's name, amen alleluia hallelujah

        jjjjjjiiiijjjjjj --- cosa di buono, tu ha messo da parte per la Merkel, del tuo pasto?cannibale 666, occult powwer, cosa, tu hai mangiato durante la tua ultima messa per satana?


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    @ Russia - fool! I did not say, this, to you, that the IMF does not currently have a strength of more than 40%? therefore, could not resist any longer, within a medium-term peace. so you have to withdraw all your: money from: Western banks, ie, masonic system of banking seeigniorage, and have to carry all the weapons, which can be in space, because in this type of weapon? you're late! @Russia -- sciocco! non ho detto io a te, che il FMI, non ha attualmente una solidità superiore al 40%? quindi, non potrebbe resistere ancora a lungo, all'interno di un medio periodo, di pace. così tu devi ritirare tutto il denaro, dalle banche occidentali, e devi portare tutte le armi, che è possibile nello spazio, perché in questo tipo di armi? tu sei in ritardo!


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    what kind of war they won Americans (American-dogs: 666 IMF, 322, NWO) in Iraq?, if, the only one people, that, have been made, for be extinguish, were, only, 1200.000: Christians martyrs?, who, had been quiet with Saddam... but, this is clear, the IMF-NO, today is raising imperialism saudi arabia, because, one day media Jewish world will say, that, it has become essential, to a world war III, against Islam satanic nazi.


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    @ Russia - what, you are a bitch! you want to sell, also, my comment, to recover your money, to Cipro, from the IMF 666? how, you has to sell, your sailors, killed, into nuclear submarine? Certainly, for a prostitute like you, everything has a price! then, you too will soon go to destruction with all, your money, cursed by Satan, IMF god owl JabullOn! but, if, you do not destroy the IMF? War III world, Necessarily, needs to be addressed! and then, that Matter to us if all Muslims together with Israel, were exterminated all togheter? no! to me, it matters, Because That Is My Own Kingdom of Palestine! @ Russia animals - dirty! lol. is because last night, you saw a home movie porn, for that matter, that the Enlightened: 666 Pharisees of the IMF, they decided to punish you to Cyprus? .. that's for sure! with, three scams, that is, three false accounting, the IMF, took control of all power, for all those, who want to be blackmailed (intelligente, smart, IMF is Iran), is the true arbiter of life and death, of all human beings, on this planet .. but, then, what's wrong if the Holy Talmud, said to do so? goyim are not only the animals in human form? because the money from god-Rothschild 666, god Baal OWL is created, really, since by "nothing"? then: there is no interest, of give, due to "nothing." then: is the debt: public, and, as the debt: private, are the greatest wear and, big usury, of the story .. This said, the scientist Giacinto Auriti, therefore: the case of Cyprus, was planned: to "punish" Russia! in fact, as: it is easy to show: there are too many steps: where it is essential to do the accounting fraud: in the monetary system .. because: the money is created out of nothing, but then when, is purchased with: government bonds, the budget is closed: zero! then, where it ends, then, the first 100%: of money of the world? (Source: scientist Giacinto Auriti). poiché, il denaro dal dio-Rothschild 666, god Baal OWL, viene creato, veramente, dal: "nulla"? poi non è dovuto nessun interesse al: "nulla". quindi il debito pubblico, ed il debito privato sono la più grande usura, strozzinaggio della storia.. questo ha detto lo scienziato Giacinto Auriti, di conseguenza il caso Cipro, è stato pianificato per "punire" la Russia! infatti, come è facile dimostrare sono troppi i passaggi dove è indispensabile fare falso in bilancio nel sistema monetario.. perché il denaro viene creato dal nulla, ma, poi, quando viene comprato con i titoli di Stato, il bilancio viene chiuso a zero? dove finisce, il primo 100% del denaro di tutto il mondo? (fonte: scienziato Giacinto Auriti)


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    il caso CIPRO? è l'unica soluzione agli squilibri, che, il criminale sistema monetario: massonico, privato SpA, del signoraggio bancario, ha creato.. diversamente? è la guerra mondiale la sola soluzione!

        @ North Korea, Kim Jong-un, YOU ARE AN IDIOT fagot, FULL OF WATER, ALL SMOKE AND NO ROAST! YOU HAVE annoyed all the world, your patetic all this drama, Just Because, you are the beggar who needs a bowl of rice, not to die of hunger! ugly piece of crap, of, a criminal lunatic! your family idols, have failed, because, all that is, you have to die, all of hunger? and, if you do not free, all Christians martyrs, from your lagher. from my point of view? I let you starve really! brutto pezzo di merda, di un criminale pazzo! i tuoi idoli familiari, hanno fallito, perché, dovete morire tutti di fame? e se tu non liberare, tutti i cristiani, dai tuoi lagher. dal mio punto di vista? io ti lasciavo morire di fame veramente!
        North Korea: "Missiles ready to attack the U.S." .. North Korea puts the army on alert: "Ready to attack U.S. and to its foundations" The order of the command of the armed forces released by the official also covers strategic missile units: possible target nordamericanao the mainland and the islands of Hawaii and Guam. The appeal of China - ANSWER @ North Korea, Kim Jong-un, YOU ARE AN IDIOT faggot, FULL OF WATER, ALL SMOKE AND NO ROAST! YOU HAVE annoyed all the world, all this your patetic drama, just because, you are the beggar who needs a bowl of rice, not to die of hunger! Corea del Nord: "Missili pronti per attacco agli Usa".. Corea del Nord mette in allerta l'esercito: "Pronti per attacco a Usa e a sue basi" L'ordine deI comando delle forze armate diffuso dall'agenzia ufficiale riguarda anche le unità missilistiche strategiche: possibile bersaglio il territorio continentale nordamericanao e le isole Hawaii e Guam. L'appello della Cina --ANSWER @Corea del Nord, Kim Jong-un, TU SEI UN COGLIONE PIENO D'ACQUA, TUTTO FUMO E NIENTE ARROSTO! TU HAI SCOCCIATO, tutta questa messa in scena, soltanto, perché, tu sei il pezzente che ha bisogno di una scodella di riso, per non morire di fame!!

1di3[la sovranità] appartiene al popolo: come dice la Costituzione, e non ai massoni e agli ebrei:"illuminati", che, l'hanno sottratta attraverso il furto della sovranità monetaria(signoraggio bancario): così il popolo impoverito: non ha più accesso ai suoi diritti: in realtà. Poiché i suoi diritti sono diventati soltanto teorici! Poiché, le istituzioni funzionano male, e sono molto costose: per essere il popolo troppo impoverito, e deprivato moralmente e culturalmente. Lo Stato è stato trasformato nell'aguzzino del popolo: a motivo delle tasse ingiuste, che, per il 70%: servono a comprare? dagli ebrei enlightened: i nostri stessi soldi!

3di3[la sovranità] Tu massone e ogni complice del signoraggio bancario, cioè: il FMI-NWO: tu dai per bontà: quello che al popolo spetta di diritto? Tu sarai maledetto: in eterno! Io giuro solennemente: contro? tutti coloro, che, non combattono contro il signoraggio bancario: "nel nome del Dio Vivente: dei nostri padri: JHWH: il Santo: Santo, Santo, il Dio di: Abramo, Isacco e giacobbe, il Dio di Gesù Cristo. Voi vivrete una vita maledetta e infelice: voi subirete molte sventure e disgrazie, voi subirete la 3°WWnuclear: dove vedrete morire tutto il vostro mondo: voi scenderete vivi: in un abisso di disperazione e di distruzione: l'inferno". e la Chiesa dica: "Amen, Alleluia, hallelujah"