goyim are not only the animals in human form

                                                                                                                                          [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  Risposta al tuo commento su: PM Netanyahu's meeting with the FM of Ireland, Eamon Gilmore: dtvdish0 SAID:   Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB]. WakeUpUSAxRonPaul SOON WHEN DO YOU HAVE AN EXACT DATE ? Soon When ? asshole do you have the wisdom of allah the fucker moon demI god with you ? are you a reader of allah the Djiin future crystal ball. or just another pathetic muslim hoping to kill all Jews with the help of allah the mother fucker djiin moon demi god ? --ANSWER-- Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  where is the Holy Spirit of God in you? I am a Catholic: ie, an zionist:for the kingdom: of Palestine: and Israel: I am Universal Brotherhood! dove è lo Spirito Santo di Dio in te? io sono un cattolico!
  • [Because Jesus said: "wicked and perverse generation" if, in his time: there was: not: Zapatero, the Socialist, the Freemasons and Obama? but, 666 Rothschild Baal Peor: Enlightened IMF: agenda talmud , to destroy Israel? Already he was!] God does not want that, I have to force: impose: myself: Unius REI, with the violence, but that I must be chosen: for love, and awareness: of the natural law, to all those who have been predestined to overcome, the nuclear World War III, now, inevitable! all those who do not recognize freedom of religion? have a project imperialist (this is logical consequential automatic), for enslavement of mankind .. That's why, Iran must be destroyed immediately! is just, that, Shiites, with the atomic, can finally avenge: yourself, against the Sunnis
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    1_12. [[Promoted Bestialität: wie Zapatero: anticrist in Spanien: das ist die wahre Zivilisation]] Pharisäer IWF, jetzt genug! lass der Westen könnte sein Christentum zurückzukehren! [Sie und Ihre Sozialist? CAN "" fuck "" alle Tiere, die wie Sie in der Hölle! ]. Spanien Studenten beginnen: zum Denken: dass das Geschlecht frei geübt werden, auch: mit den Tieren. In Vereinbarung mit, die Organisation: "Professional Ethics für" Studenten in der dritten Klasse (Kinder, 9 Jahre alt), in einer Schule von Cordoba in Südspanien, Andalusien, werden in einem Kurs teil: in der Materie mit dem Titel "Die Natur hat uns das Geschlecht, und wir verwenden können: mit einem anderen Mädchen, ein Junge:. oder mit einem Tier"] Gruppen von Eltern haben gesagt, dass: das Material indoktriniert Kinder, Verkleidungen, ein Pro-Homosexualität Tagesordnung: Erzbischof Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, neue Papst!
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    1_12. [[Bestialidad Promovido: como, Zapatero: anticrist, en España: se trata de la verdadera civilización]] fariseos FMI, ahora, es suficiente! que el Occidente pudiera volver a su cristiandad! [usted y su socialista? CAN "" joder "" todos los animales, al igual que usted, en el infierno! ]. Los estudiantes comienzan España: el pensamiento: que el sexo puede ser practicado libremente, también: con los animales. De acuerdo con la organización: "Ética Profesional para", los estudiantes del tercer grado (hijos, de 9 años de edad), en una escuela de Córdoba, en el sur de España, Andalucía, están participando en un curso: en la materia que se titula "La naturaleza nos ha dado el sexo, y podemos usar: con otra chica, otro chico:. o con un animal"] Grupos de padres han dicho que: la materia adoctrina a los niños, disfraces, una agenda pro-homosexualidad: el arzobispo Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, nuevo Papa!
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    1_12. [[Bestialité Promu: comme, Zapatero: anticrist, en Espagne: il s'agit de la vraie civilisation]] pharisiens FMI, maintenant, ça suffit! laisser l'Occident pourrait revenir à son christianisme! [vous et votre socialiste? CAN "" fuck "" tous les animaux, comme vous, dans l'enfer! ]. Étudiants commencent Espagne: à la pensée: que le sexe peut être pratiquée librement, aussi: avec les animaux. En accord avec l'organisation: «L'éthique professionnelle pour», les élèves de la troisième année (enfants de 9 ans), dans une école de Cordoue dans le sud de l'Espagne, en Andalousie, sont la participation à un cours: dans la matière qui est intitulé «la nature nous a donné le sexe, et nous pouvons utiliser: avec une autre fille, un autre garçon:. ou avec un animal"] Groupes de parents ont dit que: le matériau endoctrine les enfants, déguisements, un agenda pro-homosexualité: l'archevêque Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, nouveau pape!
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    2_12. [[Promoted bestiality: as, Zapatero: anticrist]] Correspondence (July 30, 2012) Interview: to: mon. Cordileone new archbishops of San Fransisco. (Michael Drake) On 14 November 2008, the day of the presidential election: in: America, you are bound, also: different referendums. Particularly paradoxical results in California: and: in Florida, where the so-called same-sex marriage: is been: rejected by the electorate, despite: these countries have voted for: in: majority: for: Barack Obama, noted supporter: of: these forms of: unions, to: proof of the fact: that: the American public wanted: an: political change: but: not: ideological. We talk with the bishop of Oakland, Msgr. Salvatore Cordileone, that: reveals both the broad perspectives: for: improving culturally, the company, which, paradoxically, the new scenarios: of: Marginalization: to: where they can go, meeting Catholics: of: this great nation. [Jews: x: Messiah: UniusREI ♰ CSPBCSSMLN DSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].
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    3_12. [[Promoted bestiality: as, Zapatero: anticrist, in Spain: this is the true civilization]] *** With respect to the referendum on the: marriage, especially: in: Califomia, an: Poll: on the: Proposition 8 (same: that: was opposed to civil unions between homosexuals, ed.)? [Answer:] This change is: is: verified: in: a double dimension: time: and: spiritual. In the temporal dimension: is: started after the: start of the campaign, the media with: ads, press: and: so on. There, people: is: realized: of: what it really was: in: game, that is: to: to say that: the: Proposition 8: protected the true human rights, not: cancellava. Spiritualmente them, there have been many people: of: faith: that: they are united: in: forty days of: fasting: and: prayer. Fasting is: just started a week or two before the change: of: the trend. We think that: this spiritual effort had to that: do with the result.Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, new Pope!
                                                                                                                                   [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  there is no happiness outside of the love: that is: my universal brotherhood .. as: who wants what is good: for itself: he should not give: his evil: to others: that is, what it does: the IMF .. "only: if, you realizing the happiness of others: you too can be happy!" non c'è felicità al di fuori dell'amore: cioè della fratellanza universale.. poiché: chi vuole il bene: per se stesso: lui non dovrebbe dare il suo male: agli altri: cioè, quello che fa: il FMI.. "soltanto realizzando la altrui felicità: anche tu potrai essere felice!"
 WakeUpUSAxRonPaul                                                                                                                                            [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  [[North Korea]]   Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB]. Kim Jong-un - you will not believe: at your advisor, that, he told you: "unius REI: .. blah .. blah .. say but can not do anything." Because I'm the Kingdom of God. I do not need of the power: at the manner of men! Because, when, I said, will attack you with: my nuclear weapons: a surprise? then: I will offer: the Korea: at China! because you want to die? Can I: to be the accomplice of the horrendous crimes: your father? You are better than China, that: it has allowed freedom of religion? and why: the traitor pig: of your father: he has used: a prostitute, that: is: a witch Japanese: for, filling her: of gold: while: his people were starving? If there are not spiritual realities? is clear: your father was a Satanist, ie, an criminal! Stop it! with this shit to make you worship as a god! if then, you want to receive the divine nature? you must do yourself: a Christian simply! if you give freedom of religion?: I'll give you: industrial facilities, etc. ..
 WakeUpUSAxRonPaul                                                                                                                                            [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].    Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  IHateNEWLAYOUT: What it is: this story: that: you said to me: [["you talk to me, but you do not speak, with me?"]] Is perhaps this: that Bush has taught to you, the CIA "in 322, "ie," skull and bones? " *. God had not downgraded the angels! God had offered: the nature of God to men: alone (Messiah, christians): also if: lucifer knowing: that: a few men could have merit: the divine nature? Lucifer refused to be: their servant, here's why: he has made: ​​a mutiny, that: it has led him to be Satan .. but now he is not happy! Because: in the battle angelic: they were defeated by St. Michael, and so: all of them have lost: their beautiful angelic body: and even if Rothschild: he gave them a body of Aliens? This for them is always a cock in the ass! because their perspective is only: the disintegration: ie, in the lake of fire: which is the second death!
 WakeUpUSAxRonPaul                                                                                                                                            [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  IHateNEWLAYOUT                                                                                                                                            [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB]. 1 ora fa One important question that people often ask themselves is: If God is so good as many claim, where does all the evil in the world come from? Grossly simplified we will try to summarise our answer in the following way. The Bible claims that all evil originates from the Devil. He was originally one of Gods most prominent Angels. But he became proud of his power and beauty and rebelled against God by: wanting to make himself god. He did this by, amongst other things, asserting a completely new lifestyle. He began to be concerned primarily with himself rather than with the good of others and by questioning the character of God, among other things by claiming that God was unreliable, a betrayer.
 WakeUpUSAxRonPaul                                                                                                                                            [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  [[جبهة العمل الإسلامي القائد : هل "الربيع العربي" تعزيز الإرهاب]] بالطبع! هي المملكة العربية السعودية : انتشار ذلك ، amas أي : أي أي الإرهاب الإسلامي في العالم : في سرية اسطة! [[מפקד החיל: "האביב הערבי" עלולה להגביר טרור]] כמובן! היא ערב הסעודית: שהתפשט, כל amas: כלומר כל הטרור האיסלאמי בעולם: בסתר מצב![[IAF commandant: «printemps arabe» pourrait consolider la Terreur]] bien sûr! est l'Arabie Saoudite: qui se propagent, tout amas: dire tout le terrorisme islamique dans le monde: dans le secret le mode! [[IAF Commander: 'Arab Spring' Could Strengthen Terror]] of course! is Saudi Arabia: that spread, any amas: ie any terrorism islamic in the world: in mode secret!
 WakeUpUSAxRonPaul                                                                                                                                            [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  [[Corea del Nord]]  Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB]. Kim Jong-un -- Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  ragazzo mio, io sono: "UniusRei": cioè: un unico Re: per un unico pianeta! tu puoi essere: il mio: "vassallo felice": come: anche: tutti i cristiani hanno l'obbligo: di obbedire alle loro autorità politiche: perché: tu hai fatto di te stesso: un dio del cazzo: per fare di tutti loro dei criminali? perché, tu vuoi farti odiare da me? Chi non sa odiare: come me? lui può soltanto essere: molto violento! è morto: finalmente: quel criminale di:"Kim Jong il", ma, tutta la disperazione degli innocenti: è rimasta: sul tuo capo! Poiché: io non lascerò in piedi: un solo Governo: in tutto il mondo: che: fa delle violenze: circa: la religione delle persone! Perché, chiunque fa il cammino delle religione? lui fa il cammino della virtù: (se la religione non è strumentalizzata dalla Arabia Saudita)! Con le armi atomiche che io ho? io divento molto sbrigativo!
 WakeUpUSAxRonPaul                                                                                                                                            [CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  [[North Korea]]   Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  Kim Jong-un - Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB].  my boy, I am, "Unius Rei": that is, a single king: for a single planet! you can be: my "happy vassal" as: also: all Christians have an obligation: to obey their authority policies: why: You have made yourself a god:of the fucking:? to make all criminals: all the christians? because, you want to make hate, by me? Who does not know hate: like me? he can only be: very violent! is dead, at last: that criminal: of "Kim Jong Il," but, all the despair of innocenti: remained: on your head! Because: I will not let stand: one only government: in all the world: that: makes violence: about: religion of the people! Because, whoever does the path of religion? He makes the path of virtue (if religion is not exploited by Saudi Arabia)! With nuclear weapons, that, I has? I become very brisk! expeditious!
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1. il sangue cristiano.pdf(who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do the whole human race: one only bunch of slaves)
2. Grande rabbino Neofito - Il sangue cristiano nei riti erraci della moderna Sinagona.pdf
3. Talmud e cristiani - Pranaitis.pdf
Jesu's nationalism against satan's synagoghe & babilon tower: if after 4 years, I can not talk about of banking seigniorage, with a jew or a with a Muslim, of freedom of religion? then, the world is under a powerful curse! All people (especially Jews) have become. of things, the pawns in the hands of the Jew Satanist enlightened, which has the monopoly of the IMF-NWO: since he, by controlling the money: seigniorage bankig, satanism Masons? they are in control of the history: is occult power absolute power!, to be responsible for all the real Holocaust: shoah: even. Way will cam 3°WWnuclear in 2012

││Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital
││of the Jewish People! The City of
││G-d & our King David!
││  Jews x Messiah Unius REI . CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB]. at World - Im Mahdì King of
││Israel & Palestine: ie ReiUnius: ie the highest
││authority political and
││spiritual of all history mankind.
││ I order in the name of Jesus of
││Bethlehem. The ruin of all those
││who have something bad can
││do harm to others in youtube.
││"Amen" is forced to say the Holy
││Spirit of YHWH, against his own
││will. Everyone the bad?
││will be solely responsible
││for his own life, why this ministry
││political and theological of
││universal brotherhood? can not
││be stopped! in my kingdom which
││is already begun? there is not
││a job that Satan can do in the
││world! rebels will be punished!
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Con usura nessuno ha una solida casa, di pietra squadrata e liscia, per istoriarne la facciata. Carogne crapulano, ospiti d'usura. Canto XLV di Ezra Pound vs enlightened of banking seigniorage
God Not save the Queen: This time, if she is the mistress of the International Masonry? Then, she is the owner of the New World Order: ie, the new Jezebel of Satan
if anyone wants to know, because I do all this?
This is my secret:
"I am in love with my wife Israel and for her, that I fight: against all this shit of the enlightened"
the worst between all men: they dominating the world!
if one is not 100 times a thug, and 1000 times a soul ready for hell? he can not be an politician.. this has says, "the bank seigniorage!"
ABOUTJFK y el Dólar - Dont-Tread-On. You must connect the assassination of JFK, with his efforts to resume: the power of money: how the Constitution says! in favor of the people against criminals: Satanic Jews corporations: SpA, a privately owned central bank. Executive Order 11110: it was a direct attack on that power: ie occult Totalitarianism. This AGENDA: It is a plot of private bankers: to take out the enemies of their power structure: the occult NWO-IMF. Abraham Lincoln has introduced Greenback: no bank seigniorage, no Hebrew and no debt, but he too was assassinated. Andrew Jackson, was an attack: against him during his struggle to free his country, from private central bank. Executive 11110, to signed by President Kennedy: If the Executive Order 11110 of JFK, will not be done by Barack Obama? then: he is a Satanist: Like all governments around the world
1. il sangue cristiano.pdf(who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do the whole human race: one only bunch of slaves)

2. Grande rabbino Neofito - Il sangue cristiano nei riti erraci della moderna Sinagona.pdf

3. Talmud e cristiani - Pra...

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