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@Benjamin Netanyahu

@IsraelNationalTV --- the time has come to attack Iran! because they rejected my universal brotherhood and killed many christian martyr every day! why, Iranians and all muslims cursed by Mohammed for have a special vocation for self-destruction? for do genocide against us?@youtube - what they think all those gays, cowards against me? they are saying against: me behind my back? Us with ours, secularism: democracy: tolerance, respect: for human rights, etc... we give space continuously, to these Satanists of sharia, but: these have conquered: every day for their deception of all: their crimes, violence, murder: massacres, and absolute intolerance: that is why, the only possible solution: is the massacre: against all Muslims country! but the Muslims want to hurt against, everyone, this is obvious. knows very well: the King of Saudi Arabia, that his money is transformed into violent imperialism, against the poor innocent Christians all over the world! arrived, even for him, the time to get down to hell!
@IsraelNationalTV--- enlightened jews bankers: IMF, they wont do war nuclear for destry Israel: permanently. but I want to save Israel, although, Israel has become a racist country, that hates Christians, because it has based its national identity, not about democracy, but, on the Jewish religious identity. But the blame for this disaster? it is only the rabbis! if all Muslim nations: do not remove the Sharia? and if not proclaim the equality: all citizens: for true freedom of religion? I am in favor: not only to attack Iran, but: to attack: all Muslim nations! every day I ask God to do evil to sinners! but he says no, because: it is useless to raise a ministry: any: to do harm to sinners .. because, sinful men, unconsciously left: alone, in their freedom: they know: well, how to destroy themselves: by alone. lol. is so, that, I understood: as, lol. Rei unius my ministry, serves only to do good.. I'm sorry, that all the elite of world lit, etc. .. were compromised, with these beings: Marduk: god owl: grove abduction, 666 322, etc. .. multidimensional alien beings, etc., ... and now in addition to destroying themselves: they should destroy all mankind. but, for me: to free all them: from this nightmare: in the Jewish temple? is an easy thing!
@IsraelNationalTV - this is really terrible! If Christians had not won: the overwhelming naval forces at Lepanto: and (six times more numerous) Turkish armed in Vienna (Albareale)? Today, worldwide, would be: one only damn Sharia! Because: even the most beautiful religion in the world, ie, my holy Islam, when it becomes an imperialism: for the conquest of the world? is pure satanism! In fact, Islam of Saudi Arabia: and all muslims country: is pure satanism today! .. that's why I do not I respect David Duke, because, and as a rabbit, in order not to be devoured by the tiger (IMF), then prefer to be devoured by the panther (Qur'anic Islam). it's true: between me and God? there's a story! .. God did not want to create to me: a climate of subjection to its superiority, because God is infinitely humble and gentle, but this is not a reason for me, of to be disrespectful or arrogant towards him. But God has not given me a religion to follow, so I live like a man independent of a religious formalism: in fact, I think as an atheist. see? Today(24-12-2011) it is a solemn day: I have painted: the gate of the garage: from 10.30 to 16.30. I know, that is God, as all celestial beings: they look to me. but what I can do? I am only a sinful man! this only I know! I have nothing to fear from the multi-dimensional beings: demons, aliens, etc. .. indeed they could not, either, come near to me, without being disintegrated! Shalom!
@Benjamin Netanyahu - if there not will be a historical revisionism: immediate: for all the bullshit: that the rabbis have moved: and enlarged: from generation to generation: that is, for all the racist and criminal, of, their Talmud and their IMF? will be impossible to escape this: 3 ° WW nuclear! because, like an avalanche that large itself: more and more, in a his devastated descent and progressive: ie, for the crisis mystical and racist: of the first rabbi of the Temple of Jerusalem, that: has put in mode writing, the book of Exodus, etc. .. ? is this taht later: has make led to bleed the children Christians, for to consecrate the synagogues and founded the predation and the extermination of the International Monetary Fund or bank seigniorage: stolen from the Jews Bankiers lenders: through the masonry for to do bleed all the peoples !