I am the greatest King of all ages


♰ UniusRei I am, my political jurisdiction is universal and rational ♰: ♰ ♰ The decree, That, from September, 2011, will start: all the premature deaths: in the name of Jesus: ♰: "Drink your poisons made by yourself "your life? Is not your! ♰: your life is from God: that is YHWH, Allah, etc. .. HE is: 1. Justice and Truth, 2. equality and fraternity, 3. service and love! About religions Stop Violence, Stop: banking seigniorage; stop masonry. Stop: Sharia Zionism racism, enlightened, etc.: In Addition to: all the misfortunes, and all the oppressions, That, macaws Been, Already Been decreed, Against all my enemies! They will not stop: and all this will be again: again and always: will be until, unius Rei: Will not Be Recognized: by Governments: throughout the world. The Illuminati will be: comforted by the fact, That have Contributed: so generously: at the problem: of overpopulation: why: That I see, Those guys are too worried about this.


by HellxDesPairTruction

@ AIPAC -> that is the how: like: 666Rothschid and 322Bush: have condemned to you and yours: in an atomic despair: for not have assigned to you: a mini apartment in the depths of the earth? But, what is less scary for you: that is, what is best for you: 1. the wrath of the people? or Satanists and aliens in the deep, of the heart: of the earth, that widely: they are habit to eating: the human flesh? How, in what way, you will do the death for choking of the mice in the ground? why, the your poor children: were been destined with you, to be together in to the hell! I do not know anybody who deserves to die more than you! Yet, God must have a liver infinite if it has just sent me to save a turd like you!

@ AIPAC - if you do not stop persecuting Christianity? None of you be can withstand the wrath of God: this time it will burn, how and more much more as has burned: in the crematoria of "Auschwitz Birkenau". In fact, God wants to see allies, so in mode powerful: Christianity and Judaism: you stop doing: the Satanists of the penis fucking!

@ AIPAC - you will not be afraid, if, I destroyed Zionism: racist and Satanist, who comes from the Talmud! You do not be afraid, to give: to me, control of the IMF- New World Order: Because, I has swear to God, for the reverge: all the martyrs, Christians and Jews: that, are been make in these: 1400 years, by Muhammad and the his accursed muslims of Koran (that is another: the apocryphal Gospel): that muslims murderes have did: through the sharia. I swore to God and to all the martyrs, who I will kill also: the last Muslim, who wants to raise the sharia: to threaten even the whole human race! But God said to me, that in reality the Muslims, are not bad (as you)! "In fact they renounce at Sharia: spontaneously"

Glory to God in His Heavenly Temple Hebrew: house of all people! hallelujah for my universal brotherhood!: the company is dying, men are losing faith and peoples are losing hope: people give up more and more all: to Satan is here because, I am forced to do harm to the rich : selfish and accomplices of the IMF-New World Order.

@Drakecul -- if you have a false God? then you are an false man: also. But if you seek the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: that is said Israel. [() not does this abomination of Israel's: of Masonic banking seigniorage (). with the star satanic of Rothschild: on its flag]. then, you'll be a real man! ie, not a Freemason, ie, not a Satanist, not a liar of the IMF- New World Order. you can never become the prey of an ideology or of a religion!
@ Furstenfeldbruck - As you are sure that God is not real? if you are 100% sure? So, in this case should not be difficult for you: to give to me, under oath, your soul on this page! you know, that Satanists have a duty to kill all those who remain without a soul? You know that a poor man: he has sold his soul for many: money, and then, though poor: he went to redeem it?

of course: I have no an sin that can be evident: in pubblic! However, maybe I exaggerate: to declare the sin withinin me, why, is invisible to other. But this is for all sinners to encourage. In fact, if God uses me: in mode powerfully? Then God can use anyone, because for God? To him? sin does not exist! God suffers to see how the sin: do hurt to us. because God created us: to love us and Allah suffer to see: our misfortune

of course: my body, so bodily: reject sin: that is repulsive for him: how, too: rejects the absolute holiness and purity of God is this my will! I want to be like: all men in all their contradictions. Since it is the cowardly weakness of human nature: that, I has wanted to find: and in fact: I have found: a street, to go into the kingdom of God, that is very more powerful of the mystical: Because, come: the denial of mystical same: shut up in the pure rationality, and in the weakness of involuntary sinfulness: I have opened the road to heaven for me: as for all mankind: for the metaphysics of the natural law being: I do not take all men, through, their religion, but for the purity of the their faith. Believing that God's mercy: he won: in Christ Jesus, the same law of God

I am the greatest King of all ages
I only the only one Unius Rei and King of Israel and Palestine
I am the salvation and the peace of the world: from the political point of view: of course
and youtube? is my office ...

@RonPaulCC2012 -> I'm the political project: of the king of: Palestine and Israel, because, only the kingdom of Palestine, can be the solution of the May "Middle East", and: I can destroy or passing on the: IMF system of the New World Order, through the political project: "unius Rei," Because the cost of money is 270% (source: Giacinto Auriti), I know the "banking seigniorage" of the Illuminati, They needs to kill: His creditors, or the people, or savers Because It Is No Longer Able to repay the money, that's why, only unius Rei, Could Avoid the 3 rd WWnuclear. I am a single man: a pure idealist!
@ satoox9 -> I know that there has been much violence in the past! but we must learn, not to do more of the "opposition", we must learn to live peacefully together! we must look to the value of the person and not his ideology or religion! + love = shalom salaam