Ritual Of The Bohemian Grove

Also you, are you asshole?
and accomplice of Murderers: the Illuminati?
ie, Department of International Assassins!
@ youtubeMOSSAD -  you say that, you send it: my mail:posts/comment .. but it is not true! for you to protect the Illuminati:satanists Zionists, like you! but, You do not actually send my mail! In fact, if I go into "sent"? Then, it was not posted anything! Now, I have been forced to curse: "sparkybigptalkshow", and I can not tell with him because of you! now he is in despair: if he commit suicide? the blame will be yours alone!

Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. John 18:36 Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight, because I had not given into the hands of the Jews: but now my kingdom is not from here" . -ANSWER--- I am only a man, so this will be my kingdom, also, in this world, or you all die: because the 3 rd WWnuclear: it was planned: to destroy all life on the planet. As Noah's enlightened: they want to get out from under the ground to do it all again: they are crazy: really crazy!

@Jews -  those who do not have a future? He can not have an agenda! In fact, in reality: your Satan? he does not have an agenda, "here, because he is a murderer and a liar from the beginning!". Because he knows that he will be disintegrated at the end of the world: of course! so for hatred (against God), and envy (against men: that they can "always get" of have the forgiveness of God). Satan tries to do God's suffering, destroying men ... Jews, masters of the world, our masters, this is the only goal of Satan! Now, you have: subjected all peoples under to slavery all the peoples of the world are carrying: the deterioration: instutional, of all reality, moral and religious through: your banking seigniorage: etc. .. ? now, you will feel, perhaps happier for it?

[1st: question] who allowed that, Satanists, ILLUMINATI: "illuminated" by Lucifer, "HAVE stolen the sovereignty monetary (seigniorage banking), which is not an constitutionally inalienable sovereignty? Freemasonry and the Jews, of course: that is, the synagogue of Satan, all in key anti-Christian! What could the Catholic Church: after: 2 centuries of martyrs: after: 600 excommunication, after: the court of the Inquisition, etc. .. was forced to surrender. But everyone else? all all others have betrayed by the beginning!

[2st: question] because God has raised lorenzojhwh: the King of Palestine and Israel: UniusRei ie, when the IMF-New World Order, now, can not be defeated by noone? STEP 1: to condemn the all world: in view of the court imminent of God; STEP 2 °: if the Jews: AIPAC, lobby, corporations, masonry, etc., do not understand themselves: that this adventure of the enlightened? is only a hopeless madness! STEP 3°: because the people of God: the Jews. have become the people of Satan, again? who will do: the genocide: of who else? you are all crazy!
traitors? think of eating: people think to die: slowly, day by day, depression, sin, and all kinds of poverty, first, that the dying social body: it can receive: the "coup de grace", the 3 ° WWnuclear! for putting an end to his suffering: for the coming, finally happy, the coming kingdom of Satan happy, meaning the new Tower of Babel of the IMF-New World Order: ie, an absolute happy slavery

Masonic and Jewish lobbies: they have taken control of our institutions and our policy, and our economy: a strategic resource of all! of all monopolies!
So youtube or the internet has become the club of all frustrated patriots like me!

 TriHaptic said: "stupid Christian!" -ANSWER-  Communists, Greens, the radicals of the Pannella, the Masons? all the sons of the synagogue of Satan, ie, the "enlightened" of the IMF- New World Order: ie, Rothschild, of the: banking seigniorage! they have destroyed the moral Christian and every Christian civilization! Certainly, the Church has its responsibilities as always! but they are responsible: much lower: to those of all others. It will burn again, the fire of war, because, is this, that you have earned! but, this time: will be lost, the lives of all of you, that you now read me: Since you are all in this issue: 5.5 billion victims!

mkatz2395 said: We are God's chosen people; Jesus was a Jew; and he is your God. Enough said: fuck off--ANSWER-- that's why the Jews: are the gods enlightened: of the all "goyim"? is why it is right: for us to be slaves: of the banking seigniorage!
[from the Talmud of rabbis: their Bible of Satan] JEW WHO KILLS A CHRISTIAN COMMITS NO SIN, BUT OFFERS: acceptable sacrifice to God: said: Sepher Or Israel (177B);VI. AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM, THE ONLY SACRIFICE: NEEDED: IS THE MURDER OF CHRISTIANS(human sacrifice): In Zohar (III 227b) The Zohar (II, 43a), VII. THOSE WHO KILL CHRISTIANS HAVE A PLACE: HIGH IN THE SKY: In the Zohar (1.38 b, and 39a) VIII. JEWS SHOULD NEVER CEASE to exterminate GOIM; SHOULD NEVER LEAVE: IN PEACE AND SHOULD NEVER SUBMIT TO THEM. In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 1); IX. ALL JEWS HAVE TO JOIN: TOGETHER: FOR kill and destroy the traitors; THAT ARE IN THE MIDST OF THEM: In Choschen Hammischpat (338.16): X. NO FESTIVAL, NO MATTER HOW SOLEMN, can prevent: DECAPITATION OF A CHRISTIAN: In Pesachim (49b); XI. THE ONLY PURPOSE: TO ALL ACTIONS AND PRAYERS OF THE JEWS: MUST BE TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION;XI. THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ALL ACTIONS AND PRAYERS OF THE JEWS MUST BE IS TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION; In Schabbath (118a): And again: "Cut off the hope of the unjust; ago that all heretics (Christians) perish immediately; uproot, break, and destroy the Proud Kingdom; quick to make all peoples: subjects to us: in our days (seigniorage banking of the IMF-NWO).. "Exactly at the same time, Good Friday, that" Prinicipe Proud Empire ": that is, of Rome, the Pope, who, instead pray with love, and orders all around the world to pray: (not killing) for all "heretics" and those who are "lost"
... but, you have to choose the freedom! that is, your monetary sovereignty!

Jew: you have the duty to set an example: of love: of the universal brotherhood, in the equal between all men! Differently? you envy very soon: those that are dead! Because an abyss of despair will fall against the whole human race
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