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Series Title: “Wonders of Creation..Soaring in Splendor"

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Dinosaur Excavations

Creation Evidence Museum will be holding the annual Public Excavation. Experience the fun of a real archilogical excivation. For information see below.

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Day & Time: June 29th - July 3rd from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

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[[[that conspiracy theories can be deadly: only if it is use by the power? knew very well, "enlightened" who manage the Freemasons: as an chain for a monkey]]] In fact, the movement for the spread: of the Protestant Reformation, the Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and today the religion of Satanism and the 'evolution: it is always the same: that the owners of: IMF: ie, New World Order! as a result of many supporters of the Enlightenment, to erode the political and spiritual influence of the Catholic Church put in circulation, several polemical pamphlets: they are fed into the so-called "black legends" (ie the mystification of many controversial historical events: as: the Crusades, Inquisition , witch hunt, the conquest of the Americas, etc..) and spread the idea of dark plots of "papists" (especially: against the Jesuits, who were expelled from many countries). These aspersions on the Jesuits? still persist!

as it is: full of thorns, painful, uphill, narrow and twisting, the road that leads to the Kingdom of God!
those are a few: as are a few: those who, are come to the door of the Kingdom of God.
but, as it is wide, easy, comfortable the road that leads to destruction: that is, the synagogue of Satan, for a hell of despair infinite: almost all, stop there! as, Piero Angela, too: the monkeys evolved: for to have to success: of a happy and probably Mason .. nella sinagoga di satana. I saw you screaming from the flames, in fact, an entire generation of rich, born without hope: about all the institutions of the banking seigniorage: in the synagogue of Satan. , networks are too complex and articulated: to let slip a few fish. pax amen alleluia hallelujah
drink your poison made by yourself

[il rabbino capo: "Di Segni", parla molto chiaramente all'incontro con la massoneria del grande oriente d'italia... "mio padre diceva, che, della vecchia accusa mussoliniana del "demo-pluto-giudaico-massone", a lui mancava soltanto il "pluto"..."

Chief Rabbi: "Di Segni", speaks very clearly to the meeting with the Masons of the Grand Orient of Italy ... "My father said, that, of the old charge of Mussolini's" demo-bar-Judeo-Masonic ", he lacked only the" bar "..."
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  • @muslimlunatic WAR AGAInST iRAN?.. Certainly, it is because of the Christian martyrs that all Muslims deserve to die! But, this is my kingdom, that is all worldwide, and no one kills someone, without my permission! Certamente, è a causa dei martiri cristiani che tutti i musulmani meritano di morire! Ma, questo è il mio regno, cioè tutto il mondo, e nessuno: uccide qualcuno, senza il mio permesso!
  • 11-9-11 will be the mother of all Koran burnings!!!!!!!!!!