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help my AFRICA

help , AFRICA, USA,  Lady Liberty, evil , goddess,  Ashtar Sheran, demonic, Babylonian,  pantheon, Marduk, , human sacrifices

USA,  Lady Liberty ] is [ "evil ", the goddess,  Ashtar Sheran, the  demonic, Babylonian,  pantheon.  of Marduk, with, its human sacrifices  ] 'S DECEPTION ' ALWAYS... " And no wonder, Because, it, too,  Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. "  Astaroth, it is one, of the many,   demons of Jewish cultures, Which, According, to a tradition, non- canonical, pushed  Cain to kill, His Brother,  Abel. Originally,  Ashtoreth, was at  pagan goddess, Transformed, by the Jews: in a,   terrifying demon, and,  repulsive.  Ashtar Sheran,   demon guides, spirit guides  ​​in,  aliens  abduction : she says: "... my words are important blackberries, the Decalogue,  of Mount Sinai... " and, of course, this demon, like, all the demons,  Communists, freemasonry,  Islamists,  Pharisees, macaws, Babylon,  NWO power, 666, the big  prostitute who commits fornication, with,  all the kings, of the earth. Therefore, kill for, again, the  seed of Abraham, in the next, imminent,  Holocaust, against,  Israel

[ ]  CIA,  DATAGATE, YOU Fuck With Wrong Person, World Bank, 666, Bush 322, Kerry, [  OSAMA OBAMA - ]  marijuana,  PARTY IN SATAN   SYNAGUE BILDEDNBERG,  pharisees, Illuminati CULT GOd,  OWL, at  Bohhemian Grove,  Baal, JabullOn,  freemasory, seigniorage banking scam,  IMF,  FED, ECB,  micro -chip,  aliens  abduction, agenda.   GMO Morgellons - ANSWER - I can destroy the  USA, now, or, between 150 years.

666,  CIA,  DATAGATE,  HACKER, UFuckWithWrongPerson - when, you went to China, with, your wife do for an business, That, ( then, were Been, a failure !) Because, you asked me for help, and no, you asked for help, your satan, from time, Which, you said, "Satan saved me! " and, how he can save you, or others, if there is no one who can save him, from hell ?

@  King Saudi Arabia - I hope you not, you will have the shamelessness, to ask me to stop, the  Russian tanks, and  Chinese tanks, When They are going, Because, along with the Pharisees,  Spa  IMF,  Bush, and, company corporations,  masonic system, scam,  banking seigniorage ?, you are the most hateful shit in the world.. and certainly, I can not do, my universal brotherhood, with you, in life!

@  King   Saudi Arabia - the teacher, who, I have Replaced this year ( and all have said ), That lesson he has never done, and the   Vice President, in fact, blamed me, saying, " Professor, you must understand, the students are not used, to make  religion class, " but, the other teacher, he, too, does not it,  lesson, class of religion. is in anguish, Because, now it can become, very, humiliating,  embarrassing, and,  strident, for him, the comparison between me and him, and, then, Began to slander me. lol. Luckily, That, I have a friend like you, who, you, can understand me ! In fact, even the   Prophet Jeremiah, wherever, he was aroused,  strife, and,  quarrels.. but, That said, the story, the Prophet Jeremiah, saw die, All Those to-whom, he spoke.. In fact, you have not, no chance of being Able to stop Russian tanks, and  Chinese.. if, not before, I'm coming to kill you, all  islamists, Erdogan  crazy,  sharia  nazi, to save,  Israel,  and the Human Race.

@ King Saudi Arabia, today, in my 4th ITIS, the blackboard "lim " with ADSL, [ (Return to Life - Resurrection : A history of the twentieth century), A shepherd died, in Nigeria, a car accident, after four days, God raised him up, with prayer, Pentecostal, charismatic ] but, in Nigeria, where it is not yours, Boko Haram, they are doing the massacres of Christians martyrs, innocent ? - > The video is stopped and cromium, gave before, then, alone, 1. pornographic videos 2. then, alone [ translate (. ) google ] read, the Ave Maria, on the Contrary ( blasphemy, satanism ), and then wrote and read : [ priest you, you must die ], and traslator read, However, also, if I had previously muted [ now, I say, if you're stupid ? I'm not responsible ! ]

[@ Obama - if you, too, do not you spit against the Constitution as they did, Bush 322, Kerry 322, then, also, you can do it, Kennedy's Executive Order 11110, to save your people ] it skips the budget deal: after 17 years ' closes ' the  State...  Washington - ( Adnkronos / Ign ) - The  Congress, not,  finds the agreement on the financing of the state machine, and, now the administration is no longer  Able to pay most, of the public services, with, at least 800 thousand,  civil servants at risk. -> @ Obama - if you, too, do not you spit, against, the Constitution, as did, Bush 322, Kerry, in esoteric satanic agenda pharisees ? Then, too, you can do it, Kennedy's executive order, 11110, for love, your american peoples

[ [ Popeye  Obamacare, the risk  Use the "  shutdown "] ] @  OBAMA, YOU CAN BECOME AN,  HERO ! If you really love the people, and you're not another, freemason   criminal, like,  Clinton, Bush,  Kerry, etc...? you can print all the money needed, using the executive order,  of Kennedy, the  11110, only, that, then, you do not have to show, in public, because the Pharisees   enlightened  Anglo-American,  Spa  IMF,  FED ? 'll shoot you !

[ [ The failure of  Vladimir Putin    Barack Obama, on the case  Syria ]] The proposal by the Kremlin to put,  under international control of chemical weapons   Bashar al -Assad is a way ' output for  Obama. But even a setback for him - ANSWER - This article speaks of a weak Obama.. but, the force would not have been, that, to finish exterminate,  Shiites, Christians and  in  Syria, on becoming, himself,  Al- Qaeda (from, Obama, a,  Osama ) ! The catastrophe of Obama, was ideological, and moral, he was the enemy,  puppet of the Jewish Christian civilization, the enemy of monetary sovereignty, a true  puppet in the hands of the Pharisees,  Spa,  Banca world, that want to destroy Israel, together, the whole human race, but, I'm the  Jewish-Christian civilization, that is, I am the human race !

@ Putin - you're a big dick, no balls, you're just a pathetic traitor. you can not ever win a war against the Pharisees Anglo -Americans, in fact, you buy from them, to interest your money..

30th September  PARIS, '' Ripping   Silvio Berlusconi threatens the stability of the euro zone.'' - ANSWER - @  Illuminati  Pharisees Bildenbeg,  IMF,  FED  ECB Spa, you, the Masons, you have taken, hostage, all peoples, in fact, you have stolen them all, the monetary  sovereignty  (   seigniorage banking ), you have stolen from them, their future, and hope, in fact, you have done, the people, your slaves...  [ [  is the servant, buy money, and is the  slave pay interest..  you are not human beings, ye are the monsters of the   ruthless killers criminals.. ]]

@  Pharisees,  Rothschild  Rochefeller, Bildenberg,  Illuminati  dirty,  pigs  criminals - it does not matter, that you are the hypocrites, for they do not see the  pornography, you are always, instigators ! why do the " drug dealer ", that is, ( the owner of any monopoly, ( Spa  IMF) is to be the master of all things, it is always, more serious, that make the user "of drugs ) according to your  Torah ? you have been sentenced to death by me. fact, I had, ordered to you, to remove all minors, pornography, and instead, also, in the   porn sites, main, were, still involved, the  children. then, I sentence you to   death  all those pedophiles, too, those, who do  video  porn  with the children, and the  minors, you still have them.. killed by Satanists

[ Iran, 200 warheads, in   Israeli nuclear arsenal  ] Javad Zarif,   Foreign Minister of Iran, during an interview with the American television network ABC, - ANSWER - because, you 're the Nazis, who torture the innocent Christian martyrs, the Middle East.. - ANSWER - OK! SE, IS 200, I HAVE ENOUGH !

30 September, 17:46, Nazi Sudan, without freedom of religion,  KHARTOUM, have been published on the internet, photo  shock, which would show the victims of the violent suppression of protests in  Sudan by the police.. - ANSWER - @ 666 SATAN,  USA,  IMF,   Pharisees Anglo- Americans - IN Sudan, Christians have been killed everyone, and the children of Christians, were sold as slaves,  Saudi Arabia, so you can kill them all, with all your lies!

September 30, 19:18.  Iran,  Obama,  Netanyahu, nothing, atomic,  NEW YORK, President, Use  Barack Obama, agrees with the   Israeli prime minister,   Benyamin Netanyahu :... The goal of Iran is always there, '' to destroy Israel,'' said Netanyahu. blah, blah, blah, - ANSWER - jackals, as was  Rothschild, who taught you to play in  freemasonry, blah, blah, blah ? when the nuclear accident, that the Israeli intelligence services will, as an auto - attack to do, start the aggression against Iran, and the nuclear world war ?

[ Politicians,  Israelis ] from the Six Day War, with the return of the Egyptian desert ? Ye have always made ​​the agenda of the Illuminati Satanists Pharisees ! you are traitors ! you are the greatest threat to Israel !

[@ 666,  Obama,  DATAGATE, -> I'm really angry, because you have blocked, my OS, LINUX MINT 15 ] @ my YHWH - like Israel, could resist, that she is so young and small, in the face of evil, of 1. ARAB LEAGUE , and its allies, 2. 666 PHARISEES, Anglo,  Americans, and, all his, 3.  political  Masons  corrupt, which, all together, conspired, juror, designed to destroy it, again, in a new Holocaust ?

Premier,  turkish,  Islamist  Nazi  Salafi wahhadita,   Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is preparing, quickly, at  war and seeks to eliminate internal stress also seeks to have more soldiers, more cannon fodder, and pushes upward, the already his, rather than a huge overpopulation. [ also,  Mussolini did the same ] 1, [ Turkey  Erdogan  reforms for the Kurds ] ] 2. [[ ANKARA,  Erdogan : 3 children, not enough, Make it 4] ] -  ANSWER - my  @ YHWH, rather, that, invest in peace, and rinuncire, the  Sharia   ARAB League, decided to go down, at war against me, for  expand, the  imperialism, its  criminal, Nazi,   religious revelation, for the world !

@ crazy criminal, IRAN, for dhimmis slaves --- I has proposed an alliance, Already, this mornig, 1. you destroy the Sharia, quickly, and, 2. the destroy, Masonic State, of Israel 3. then, we make the Kingdom of Persia, or of Palestine, along with Syria, 4. I am your King, - conclusion - if, you accept this covenant, you can live again! you do know, to me your answer, Because, to me, does not like to wait.. I lose patience, easily

[[ PAKISTAN, ISLAM,  Peshawar  criminal,  king,  SAUDI, SAUDI, you have made, your religion, a weapon, to ruin peoples ! if you do not, you were a demon, the little Satan? Satanists Americans,  DATAGATE, GREAT SATAN, no, they would be, your allies ! ]] More blood in Peshawar. Christians pray for victims, and, peace in the country. Yesterday morning, a car bomb struck, town market, not, far from, the All Saints Church, place, of the massacre, of 22 September. At least 33 people dead, and, wounded 70, in the third attack, in a few days. The Bishop, of,  Islamabad : " Pakistan is at the crossroads ; remain united, against,  terrorism."  Peshawar ( AsiaNews) - More blood, and, violence, in Peshawar, capital of the   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,  provinces of Pakistan, the  theater, in the last week, of three,   suicide bombings, of,  Islamist origin. Yesterday, morning a car bomb   Placed in the  city  market,  exploded at rush hour, killing, 33 people, and, injuring blackberries, than, 70.

help my AFRICA

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    [help my AFRICA] Synnek1: ON MY PAGE het gesê: "[baster]" - antwoord - hy is die huidige: administrateur "Hoof Uitvoerende", "CEO" van youtube, in die hele wêreld, die handlanger van al die misdadigers Sataniste, vir die vernietiging van Israel, en: die slawerny van die hele mensdom, dit is, die okkulte en Masonic: die agenda van die Fariseërs van die IMF-NWO: dws, Masonic stelsel vir bank seigneuriage, in alle valse, demokrasieë in die wêreld, hul ware doel:Satanisme in te samel en al hul menslike offers, op die altaar van die satan, dit wil sê, god-uil, by Bohemian Grove, doen, die koninkryk van Satan in finaal af, na die Tweede Wêreldoorlog III.


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    [help my Vietnam] Synnek1: TRANG MY nói: "[Bastard]" - ĐÁP - ông là hiện nay: quản trị viên "Giám đốc điều hành", "Giám đốc điều hành" của youtube, trong tất cả các thế giới, đồng lõa của tất cả các Satanists tội phạm, sự hủy diệt của Israel, và cho: nô lệ của tất cả nhân loại, có nghĩa là, huyền bí và Masonic: chương trình nghị sự của người Pha-ri-si của IMF-NWO: tức là, hệ thống Masonic: quyền của lảnh chúa cho các ngân hàng, trong tất cả các nền dân chủ giả trên thế giới, mục tiêu thực sự của họ:là nâng cao Satan: và, tất cả con người của mình hy sinh trên bàn thờ Satan, tức là, thần cú, tại Bohemian Grove, làm, vương quốc của Sa-tan: trong chế độ dứt khoát, sau đó, chiến tranh thế giới thứ III.


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    [help my Turchia] Synnek1: MY SAYFADA söyledi: "[piç kurusu]" - CEVAP - Kendisi şu anda: İsrail'in yok edilmesi için tüm dünyada yönetici "İcra Kurulu", youtube "CEO", tüm suçluların Satanistlerin ortağı, ve için: IMF-NWO Ferisilerin gündemi: yani, masonik sistemi:, okült ve Masonik mi tüm insanlığın, köleleştirilmesi bankacılık senyoraj için, dünyadaki tüm yanlış, demokrasilerde, Onların asıl amacı: satanizm yükseltmektir: ve, tüm insan kurban, Bohemian Grove şeytanın, yani tanrı baykuş, bir sunak yapmak için, şeytanın krallığı: kesin modda, sonra Dünya Savaşı III.


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    [help my Germania] Synnek1: ON MY PAGE sagte: "[BASTARD]" - ANTWORT - er ist der Strom: administrator "Chief Executive", "CEO" von youtube, in der ganzen Welt, der Komplize aller Kriminellen Satanisten, für die Zerstörung von Israel , und für: die Versklavung der gesamten Menschheit, das heißt, die okkulten und Freimaurer: die Tagesordnung der Pharisäer von IWF-NWO: dh, Freimaurer-System: für Banken Seigniorage, in allen falschen Demokratien in der Welt, deren eigentliches Ziel: ist Satanismus zu erhöhen: und alle ihre menschlichen Opfer, am Altar des Satans, dh, Gott Eule in Bohemian Grove, zum zu tun, das Reich des Satans: in der endgültigen Modus, nach dem, World War III.


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    [help my Svezia] Synnek1: på min sida sade: "[BASTARD]" - SVAR - han är aktuell: administratör "VD", "VD" av youtube, i hela världen, medbrottsling av alla brottslingar satanister, för förstörelsen av Israel och för: förslavande av hela mänskligheten, det vill säga det ockulta och Frimurare: dagordningen för fariséerna i IMF-NWO: dvs masonic: för bank seignioraget i alla falska, demokratier i världen, Deras verkliga mål: är att höja satanism: och alla deras människooffer, om altare satan, dvs guden uggla, på Bohemian Grove, för att göra det Satans rike: i definitiva läge, efter det tredje världskriget.

    [help my America Latina, e Spagna] Synnek1: EN MI PAGINA dijo: "[BASTARD]" - RESPUESTA - él es el actual: administrador "CEO", "CEO" de youtube, en todo el mundo, el cómplice de todos los satanistas criminales, para la destrucción de Israel , y para: la esclavitud de toda la humanidad, es decir, el ocultismo y la masónica: la agenda de los fariseos del FMI y el Nuevo Orden Mundial, es decir, el sistema masónico: por señoreaje bancario, en todas las democracias falsas, en el mundo, su objetivo real: es elevar el satanismo, y, todos sus sacrificios humanos en el altar de Satanás, es decir, dios búho, en Bohemian Grove, para hacer que el reino de Satanás: en modo definitivo, después, la Tercera Guerra Mundial.

    [help my Russia] Synnek1: на моей странице сказал: "[BASTARD]" - Ответ - он тока: администратор "исполнительный директор", "генеральный директор" из YouTube, во всем мире, соучастником всех преступников сатанистов, для уничтожения Израиля , а для: порабощения всего человечества, то есть, оккультных и масонских: в повестке дня фарисеи МВФ NWO:

    то есть, масонская система: для эмиссионный доход банковской во всех ложных, демократии в мире, их реальные цели: является повышение сатанизм, и все их человеческие жертвы, на алтарь сатаны, то есть богу сова, в Bohemian Grove, для делаю, царство сатаны: в окончательном режиме, после Третьей мировой войны.

    [help my Romania] Synnek1: PE PAGINA MEA a spus: "[BASTARD]" - RĂSPUNS - el este actual: administrator "Chief Executive", "CEO-ul" de pe YouTube, în toată lumea, complicele tuturor sataniști criminali, pentru distrugerea Israelului , precum și pentru: înrobirea întregii omeniri, care este, oculte și masonice: ordinea de zi a fariseilor de FMI-NWO: de exemplu, sistemul de Masonic: pentru seigniorage bancare, în toate democrațiile false, în lume, obiectivul lor real: este de a ridica satanism: si, toate sacrificii umane, pe altarul lui Satana, adică, dumnezeu a bufniță, de la Bohemian Grove, pentru do, împărăția lui Satan: în modul definitiv, dupa, al Treilea Război Mondial.

    [help my Portogallo] Synnek1: Na minha página disse: "[BASTARDO]" - RESPOSTA - ele é o atual: "Chefe do Executivo" administrador "CEO" do youtube, em todo o mundo, o cúmplice de todos os satanistas criminosos, para a destruição de Israel , e para: a escravização de toda a humanidade, isto é, o oculto e maçom: a agenda dos fariseus do FMI-NOM: ou seja, o sistema maçônica: para senhoriagem bancário, em todas as falsas democracias do mundo, seu objetivo real: é elevar o satanismo, e, todos os seus sacrifícios humanos, no altar de satanás, ou seja, deus coruja, no Bohemian Grove, para fazer, o reino de Satanás: no modo definitivo, depois, a III Guerra Mundial.

    [help my Polonia] Synnek1: na mojej stronie powiedział: "[BASTARD]" - odpowiedź - jest prąd: administrator "Naczelny", "CEO" z youtube, na całym świecie, wspólnikiem wszystkich zbrodniarzy satanistów, do zniszczenia Izraela oraz dla: zniewolenie całej ludzkości, to jest okultyzm i masońskie: Porządek faryzeuszy MFW-NWO: tj. systemu masonic: dla emisji pieniądza bankowego, na wszystkich fałszywych, demokracji na świecie, Ich prawdziwym celem: jest podniesienie satanizmu, a wszystkie ich ofiary ludzkie, na ołtarzu szatana, czyli bóg sowa, na Bohemian Grove, za uwagi, królestwo szatana: w trybie ostatecznym, po, World War III.

    [help my Olanda] Synnek1: op mijn pagina zei: "[BASTARD]" - ANTWOORD - hij is de huidige: administrator "Chief Executive", "CEO" van youtube, in de hele wereld, de medeplichtige van alle criminelen satanisten, voor de vernietiging van Israël , en voor: de slavernij van de hele mensheid, dat wil zeggen de occulte en Vrijmetselaars: de agenda van de Farizeeën van IMF-NWO: dat wil zeggen, vrijmetselaars systeem: voor het bankwezen seigniorage, in alle valse, democratieën in de wereld, hun werkelijke doel: is het verhogen van satanisme: en, al hun menselijke offers, op het altaar van de satan, dat wil zeggen, god uil, in Bohemian Grove, voor te doen, het koninkrijk van satan: in de definitieve modus, na, de Derde Wereldoorlog.

    [help my Norvegia, dove io ho fatto il mio viaggio di nozze] Synnek1: på siden min sa: «[BASTARD]" - SVAR - han er den nåværende: administrator "Chief Executive", "CEO" av youtube, i hele verden, den medskyldige av alle kriminelle satanister, for ødeleggelsen av Israel , og for: slaveri av hele menneskeheten, det vil si det okkulte og frimurer: dagsorden på fariseere i IMF-NWO: dvs. Masonic system: for bank seigniorage, i alle falske, demokratier i verden, Deres virkelige målet: er å øke satanisme: og alle deres menneskeofringer, på alteret av satan, dvs. gud ugle, på Bohemian Grove, for gjør, Satans rike: I definitive modus, etter, World War III.

    help my Italia -- Synnek1: sulla mia pagina ha detto: "[BASTARD]" - RISPOSTA - che è l'attuale: amministratore "Chief Executive", "CEO" di youtube, in tutto il mondo, il complice di tutti i satanisti criminali, per la distruzione di Israele , e per: la riduzione in schiavitù di tutti gli uomini, vale a dire, l'occulto e massonico: l'ordine del giorno dei farisei del FMI-NWO: vale a dire, il sistema massonico: per il signoraggio bancario, in tutte le false democrazie del mondo, il loro vero obiettivo: è quello di aumentare il satanismo: e, tutti i loro sacrifici umani, sull'altare di satana, cioè, dio gufo, a Bohemian Grove, per fare, il regno di Satana: in modalità definitiva, dopo la terza guerra mondiale.

    help my Islanda --- Synnek1: á síðuna mína sagði: "[Bastard]" - SVAR - Hann er núverandi: Administrator "Chief Executive", "forstjóri" á youtube, í öllum heiminum, sem vitorðsmaður af öllum glæpamenn Satanists, um eyðingu Ísraels , og: að þrælkun alls mannkyns, það er, dulspeki og Masonic: dagskrá farísear AGS-NWO: þ.e., Masonic kerfi: að banka svokölluðum myntsláttuhagnaði í öllum falskur, lýðræðisríkjum í heiminum, alvöru markmið þeirra: er að hækka Satanism: og, allra þeirra manna fórnir á altari Satans, þ.e. guð Owl, í Bohemian Grove, að gera, ríki Satans: í endanlega háttur, eftir World War III.

    [help my Irlanda] Synnek1: ON MY PAGE dúirt: "[bastaird]" - FREAGRA - tá sé faoi láthair: riarthóir "Príomh-Fheidhmeannach", "POF" de YouTube, ar fud an tsaoil, an comhchoirí de na Satanists coirpigh, le haghaidh an scrios Iosrael , agus le haghaidh: an enslavement cine daonna go léir, is é sin, an asarlaíochta agus Masonic: an clár oibre de na Fairisínigh de CAI-NWO: ie, Masonic chóras: le haghaidh baincéireachta seigniorage, i ngach, ndaonlathais bréagach ar fud an domhain, a cuspóir fíor: Is Satanism a ardú: agus, go léir a n íobairtí daonna, ar altóir na satan, ie, dia owl, ag Bohemian Grove, do dhéanamh, an ríocht Satan: i mód cinntitheach, tar éis, an Dara Cogadh Domhanda III.

    [help my Indonesia] Synnek1: 3 minggu. Agustus: ON HALAMAN MY mengatakan: "[bajingan]" - JAWABAN - ia adalah arus: administrator "Chief Executive", "CEO" dari youtube, di seluruh dunia, kaki tangan dari semua setan penjahat, untuk kehancuran Israel , dan untuk: perbudakan seluruh umat manusia, That is, okultisme dan Masonik: agenda Farisi dari IMF-NWO: yaitu, masonik sistem: untuk seigniorage perbankan, dalam semua, demokrasi palsu di dunia, tujuan riil mereka: adalah untuk meningkatkan satanisme: dan, semua pengorbanan manusia, di altar setan, yaitu, dewa burung hantu, di Bohemian Grove, untuk lakukan, kerajaan Setan: dalam mode definitif, setelah, Perang Dunia III.

    help my Grecia --Synnek1: 3 εβδομάδες. Αύγουστος: στη σελίδα μου είπε: "[BASTARD]" - ΑΠΑΝΤΗΣΗ - είναι η σημερινή: διαχειριστής "Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος", "Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος" του youtube, σε όλο τον κόσμο, ο συνεργός του συνόλου των σατανιστών εγκληματίες, για την καταστροφή του Ισραήλ , και για: την υποδούλωση ολόκληρης της ανθρωπότητας, δηλαδή, τον αποκρυφισμό και μασονικές:

    η ατζέντα των Φαρισαίων του ΔΝΤ-NWO: δηλαδή, το σύστημα μασονικά: για κυριαρχικό δικαίωμα τραπεζικό τομέα, σε όλα τα ψευδή, δημοκρατίες στον κόσμο, το πραγματικό τους στόχο: είναι να αυξηθεί η σατανισμός: και, όλες οι ανθρώπινες θυσίες τους, στο βωμό του Σατανά, δηλαδή, θεός κουκουβάγια, στο Bohemian Grove, για κάνουμε, το βασίλειο του Σατανά: σε οριστική λειτουργία, μετά, Γ 'Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο.

    [help my Giappone] Synnek1:3週間。 8月には:マイページに言った: "[BASTARD]" - 答え - 彼は現在のものです:イスラエルの破壊のための世界中での管理者"チーフ·エグゼクティブ"は、YouTubeの"CEO"は、すべての犯罪者の悪魔主義 者の共犯者、 、とのために:国際通貨基金(IMF)-NWOのパリサイ人の議題:すなわち、フリーメーソンシステム:、オカルトとフリーメーソンのある全人類の奴隷 化、銀行シニョレッジのために、世界のすべての偽の、民主主義では、彼らの本当の目的:悪魔を上げることである:そして、すべての人間の犠牲、ボヘミアン グローブでサタン、すなわち、神フクロウ、の祭壇の上で行うための、サタンの王国:決定的なモードでは、後に、第三次世界大戦。

    [help my Francia] Synnek1: 3 semaines. Août: SUR MA PAGE a déclaré: «[BASTARD]" - RÉPONSE - il est l'actuel: administrateur "de la direction", "PDG" de youtube, dans le monde entier, le complice de tous les satanistes criminels, à la destruction d'Israël et pour: l'asservissement de l'humanité tout entière, c'est-à l'occulte et maçonnique: l'ordre du jour des Pharisiens du FMI NWO: à savoir, le système maçonnique: pour seigneuriage bancaire, dans toutes les fausses démocraties dans le monde, leur véritable objectif: est d'élever le satanisme: et, tous leurs sacrifices humains, sur l'autel de Satan, c'est-dieu hibou, à Bohemian Grove, pour le faire, le royaume de Satan: en mode définitif, après la Troisième Guerre mondiale.

    [help my Corea: Nord and Sud] Synnek1 : 3 주. 8월는 : 내 페이지에 말했다 : "[나쁜 놈]"- 답변 - 그는 현재의 이스라엘의 파괴에 대한 모든 세계에서 관리자 '최고 경영자 (CEO)', 유튜브의 "CEO"모든 범죄자의 사탄 주의자의 공범자, , 그리고 경우 : IMF-NWO의 바리새 파 사람의 의제 : 즉, 프리메이슨 시스템 : 오컬트와 프리메이슨은 모든 인류의 노예화 은행 화폐 주 조세를 들어, 세상의 모든 허위, 민주의, 그들의 진짜 목적 : 악마 숭배을 마련하는 것입니다하고, 모든 인간의 희생, Bohemin 로브에서 사단, 즉 신 올빼미의 제단에 어떻게 들어, 사탄의 왕국 : 최종 모드에서, 이후, 세계 대전 III.

    [help my Cina] Synnek1:3個星期。八月:在我的網頁上說:"BASTARD" - 答案 - 目前,他是管理員"行政長官","行政總裁"的YouTube,在世界上所有的,所有的罪犯撒旦教徒的幫兇,以色列的破壞:奴役全人類,那就是,隱匿性和 共濟會的議程IMF-NWO的法利賽人:即共濟會系統:銀行鑄幣稅的,全是假的,民主國家在世界上,他們真正的目標是:是提高撒旦教,撒旦的國度,他們所 有的人的犧牲,在祭壇的撒旦,即神貓頭鷹,格羅夫在Bohemin,做明確的模式,之後,世界第三次世界大戰。


    [help my Saudi Arabia, and all muslims country] Synnek1: 3 أسابيع. أغسطس: ON MY PAGE قال: "[نذل]" - جواب - وهو الحالية: مسؤول "الرئيس التنفيذي"، "CEO" من يوتيوب، في كل العالم، وشريك لجميع المجرمين عبدة الشيطان، لتدمير إسرائيل ، و: استعباد البشرية جمعاء، وهذا هو،


    غامض والماسونية: جدول أعمال الفريسيين من صندوق النقد الدولي وNWO: أي نظام الماسونية،: للرسوم سك العملات المصرفية، في جميع الديمقراطيات، كاذبة في العالم، وهدفها الحقيقي: هو رفع الشيطانية: و، كل ما لديهم تضحيات الإنسان، على مذبح الشيطان، اي الله البومة، في جروف Bohemin، لذلك، مملكة الشيطان: في الوضع النهائي، بعد، الحرب العالمية الثالثة.

    [help my India] Synnek1: 3 सप्ताह. अगस्त: मेरे पृष्ठ पर कहा: "[कमीने]" उत्तर - वह वर्तमान है: व्यवस्थापक "मुख्य कार्यकारी", "सीईओ" यूट्यूब के सारी दुनिया में, सभी अपराधियों Satanists सहअपराधी इस्राएल के विनाश के लिए, , और: आईएमएफ NWO फरीसियों के एजेंडे: यानी, राजमिस्री के कार्य प्रणाली


    : सभी मानव जाति की दासता है, वह यह है कि, मनोगत और मेसोनिक बैंकिंग प्रभुत्व के लिए, दुनिया में सभी झूठे, लोकतंत्र में, उनके असली उद्देश्य: शैतानी बढ़ा है और अपने सभी मानव बलि, शैतान, यानी, भगवान उल्लू, Grove में Bohemin, वेदी पर करने के लिए, शैतान का राज्य: निश्चित मोड में, के बाद, विश्व युद्ध III.

    Synnek1: 3 weeks. Aug: ON MY PAGE said: "[BASTARD]" - ANSWER - he is the current: administrator "Chief Executive", "CEO" of youtube, in all the world, the accomplice of all the criminals Satanists, for the destruction of Israel, and for: the enslavement of all mankind, That Is, the occult and Masonic: the agenda of the Pharisees of IMF-NWO: ie, masonic system: for banking seigniorage, in all false, democracies in the world, Their real objective: is to raise satanism: and, all their human sacrifices, on altar of satan, ie, god owl, at Bohemina Grove, for do, the kingdom of Satan: in definitive mode, after, World War III.

    [new Pope Bergoglio FRANCESCO: said: "I am not clerical" but if he is not a liar? must end this cruelty, ie, to prevent the marriage of priests, because, we, of pedophiles in the Church, we do not want to see: never more!]03/14/2013. TURKEY - VATICAN. Bartholomew I: Francis is a new impetus on two Churches path towards unity. by NAT da Polis. The telegram of greetings and congratulations of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople to Pope Bergoglio. As with John Paul II and Benedict XVI, Bartholomew I renews his appreciation and support for the bishop of Rome. Istanbul (AsiaNews) - The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I welcomed the election of Pope Francis with a warm message of congratulations. "I want to express - he said - the hope and the certainty that the Holy Father will contribute to the peace of an already battered humanity, the poor and the suffering." "will give a new impetus to the two Churches' journey towards unity. "

    [new Pope Bergoglio FRANCESCO: said: "I am not clerical" but if he is not a liar? must end this cruelty, ie, to prevent the marriage of priests, because, we, of pedophiles in the Church, we do not want to see: never more!] See also: 04/28/2008 TURKEY. Ecumenical patriarch: Easter, Christ's victory over death belongs to all Christians. by NAT da Polis. 12/18/2008 TURKEY - RUSSIA. Bartholomew I: Turkish bureaucracy is trying to make us disappear. by NAT da Polis. 03/06/2008 VATICAN -- ORTHODOX. Orthodox and Catholics together to respond to the world's challenges, says Bartholomew I. by NAT da Polis. 02/04/2009 TURKEY. Bartholomew I: may Kirill's election foster common journey of Orthodox Churches. by NAT da Polis. 03/02/2009 TURKEY. Churches of Europe: pilgrims in the Turkey of Saint Paul, to support Christian mission by Geries Othman


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    1 ora fa

    God has given me, only me, unius REI, of can save (to my taste) by the disintegration, in the dreadful, terrible, but, very glorious day: of judgment, all souls, and the fallen angels in 'hell, from, their "the second death", that is, by the disintegration .. and although some such as Lucifer / Satan, for pride, and, shame superb, they prefer be into disintegration, however, there are many creatures that they want to be saved, and to receive from me, an impossible mercy ... because, from my point of view? of them, I have no pity! because, they have hurt innocent people during their life, and if their victims do not have the feeling of revenge, I can not lose, the sense of justice (but, as you can cultivate some form of virtue, all 'hell? in serving the kingdom of unius REI! ..) ... those, who are in hell? are more than 60% of all mankind!


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    Dio, ha concesso a me, soltanto a me, Unius REI, di poter salvare(a mio piacimento) dalla disintegrazione, nel terribile, tremendo, ma, estremamente glorioso, giorno: del giudizio universale, tutte le anime, e gli angeli caduti nell'inferno: "dalla seconda morte", cioè, dalla disintegrazione.. ed anche se, alcuni come: lucifero/satana, per orgoglio, e per superba vergogna, loro preferiscono la disintegrazione, tuttavia, ci sono molte creature: che, loro vogliono essere salvate, e vogliono ricevere da me, una impossibile misericordia... perché, dal mio punto di vista? io di loro, io non ho nessuna pietà! perché, hanno fatto del male a persone innocenti durante la loro vita, e se le loro vittime, non hanno il sentimento della vendetta, io non posso perdere il sentimento della giustizia(ma, come è possibile, coltivare qualche forma di virtù, all'inferno? servendo il regno di Unius REI.. ) ... chi sta nell'inferno? più del 60%, di tutto il genere umano!


    HellxDesPairTruction ha pubblicato un commento

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    if it does not work all the nations, as the principal of all the activities, in order to achieve: absolutely: in safe mode [or Aliyah Aliyah or aliyah (Hebrew: עליה, "ascent") is the Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel .?] soon God will punish, the whole human race: through: Satanists Pharisees IMF se, non lavoreranno tutte le nazioni, come, la principale di tutte le attività, a realizzare in modo: assolutamente: sicuro: [Aliyah o Aliyá o Aliá (ebraico: עליה, "salita") è l'immigrazione ebraica nella terra di Israele.?] presto Dio punirà, tutto il genere umano: attraverso: i satanisti farisei del FMI


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    Gloria a Dio, ONNIPOTENTE; in eterno, alleluia, halleluijah


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    [the religious who do not know God personally? not: they are aware of: only, to kill in the name of 666 Rothschild: IMF] INDIA EXTRAORDINARY [[India: Pope Bergoglio sculpture in the sand of a beach: March 14,]] BUT, as it was, that, were massacred thousands Christians in India? and how the Indian government, in violation of its own laws, but allowed all this killing of innocent people? This is the India of contrasts and contradictions. but too violent contradictions? prevent the development of a country. the scientist Giacinto Auriti, said that, our money (created out of nothing) costs to us, 270% of its value (created by us: blood and sweat). in this way, not only, is supported Satanism, the creation of rich nations, and poor nations .. but is supported, too, all forms of crime and social inequality, because the marginalized classes, can not resign themselves to their despair.


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    1 ora fa

    [[[the religious who do not know God personally? not: they are aware of: only,to kill in the name of 666 Rothschild: IMF]]] This is because, when a government, and religion kill for religious reasons, etc. .. or kill, however, honest and peaceful person? , They are not aware of killing in the name of the Pharisee Rothischild, because the bank seigniorage being an occult power, for enter, invisibly, in every area, where there is a lack, of justice, so, the Hindus kill: in name of Brahma or Brahma (Sanskrit: ब्रह्मा Brahma), Muslims kill, in the name, of Allah, but, in reality, they are not aware of: kill only, in the name: of: 666 Rothschild: IMF, and accordingly: they are working for the NWO, 322, which is the god Baal owl, at the Bohemian Grove: in every way. but, if we can not raise, quickly, all standards of justice, for do disintegrate, the IMF Pharisees Satanists, quickly? the human race can not be saved


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    2 ore fa

    [i religiosi: che, non conoscono Dio personalmente? non: sono consapevoli di: uccidere soltanto, in nome di 666 Rothschild: IMF] INDIA STRAORDINARIA [[ India: scultura Papa Bergoglio, nella sabbia di una spiaggia: 14 marzo,]] MA, come è stato, che, sono stati massacrati migliaia di cristiani in India? e come il Governo indiano, in violazione delle sue stesse leggi, ma, permesso tutti questi omicidi di persone innocenti? questa è l'India dei contrasti e delle contraddizioni. ma, troppo violente contraddizioni? impediscono lo sviluppo di un Paese. lo scienziato Giacinto Auriti, ha detto: che, il nostro denaro(creato dal nulla) costa, il 270%, del suo valore (creato da noi). in questo modo, non soltanto, è supportato il satanismo, la creazione di nazioni ricche, e di nazioni povere.. ma, è supportata, anche, ogni forma di criminalità e di disparità sociale, perché, le classi emarginate, non possono rassegnarsi alla propria disperazione.

    [[[i religiosi: che, non conoscono Dio personalmente? non: sono consapevoli di: uccidere soltanto, in nome di 666 Rothschild: IMF]]] Ecco, perché, quando un governo, ed una religione uccidono, per motivi religiosi, ecc.. comunque, persone oneste e pacifiche? , loro non sono consapevoli di uccidere nel nome del fariseo Rothischild, perché, il signoraggio bancario essendo un potere occulto, entra, invisibilmente, in ogni ambito, dove, c'è una mancanza di giustizia, così, gli induisti uccidono: in nome di: Brahma o Brama (sanscrito: ब्रह्मा brahmā), i musulmani uccidono: in nome di Allah, ma, in realtà, non sono consapevoli di: uccidere soltanto in nome: di: 666 Rothschild: IMF, e di conseguenza: loro stanno lavorando per il NWO, 322, che è il dio Baal gufo, al Bohemian Grove: in ogni modo. ma, se non riusciamo ad elevare, rapidamente, tutti gli standard, della giustizia, per disintegrare, il FMI dei farisei satanisti? il genere umano: non potrà essere salvato

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Datagate: Nsa controlla 75% Rete Usa. USA E GB (farisei anglo-americani FMi NWO 666), hanno fatto distruggere i documenti, del guardian, circa Snowden, perché, sono diventati, la più pericolosa minaccia di nazismo, di tutta la storia del genere umano. loro non sono stati scoperti, da una terrestre tecnologia, sono stati "rivelati", come una religione.. bisogna, espellere, immediatamente, dal territorio nazionale, ogni cosa appartenga, ad USA e GB, ad iniziare dalle ambasciate, loro sono diventati satanisti TROIKA satanisti, TROIKA cosa è il signoraggio bancario? e perché voi lo avete, se, la costituzione lo proibisce a voi? perché, voi state portando allo sterminio, i popoli, con le voste magie giuridiche?

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Tutto è per Lui o contro di Lui: A - W
Tutto è per Lui o contro di Lui: A - W

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Avete preferito questo al Regno di Dio?
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Apocalisse 13:16 Faceva sì che tutti, piccoli e grandi, ricchi e poveri, liberi e schiavi ricevessero un marchio sulla mano destra e sulla fronte;

Apocalisse 13:17 e che nessuno potesse comprare o vendere senza avere tale marchio, cioè il nome della bestia o il numero del suo nome.

Apocalisse 13:18 Qui sta la sapienza. Chi ha intelligenza calcoli il numero della bestia: essa rappresenta un nome d'uomo. E tal cifra è seicentosessantasei.

Disse Gesù a P. Pio: "nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"

"nessuno si perderà senza saperlo!"
Ecco finalmente il "666" di cui ha parlato dettagliatamente l'Apocalisse!

è già stato testato su una famiglia americana:
se sei del PD? "preparati a prenderlo!"

nel Gender sodoma lgbt

santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti

confondatore dell'università di Teramo, docente scienziato,

mancato premio nobel per colpa di Rothschild, ecc...
infami massoni consociativismo Bilderberg CSM? gli hanno fatto del male

twitter mi ha espulso dal server definitivamente

per futili motivi cioè non avrei dovuto scrivere:


UniusREI kingdom
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IBAN: IT55H0760104000001016405753

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la shariah della lega araba è il mandante! #Centrafrica. Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato. Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale. I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari

ACS-Italia‏ @acs_italia

Breaking news e aggiornamento dal #Centrafrica. Abbe Mada Blaise, il Vicario, è già stato tumulato. Il Vescovo Yapaupa di #Alindao è in ospedale (non si sa se ferito o per sicurezza).

I sopravvissuti sono tutti in fuga. Non è attacco isolato perché è concetato dai servizi segreti della LEGA ARABA che ha deciso di sterminare i cristiani ovuenque è possibile farlo.

Altri attacchi a Bantagafo e Bambari!

tradimento signoraggio bancario 322 massoneria 666

poteri occulti: alto tradimento dei popoli: NWO



grazie politici massoni

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santo e scienziato: dott. prof. Giacinto Auriti

confondatore dell'università di Teramo, docente scienziato,

mancato premio nobel per colpa di Rothschild, ecc...
infami massoni consociativismo Bilderberg CSM?
EBREI CATTIVI gli hanno fatto del male