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un Iraq privo d'identità

[Un Iraq senza cristiani? è un Iraq privo d'identità [:] COME: purtroppo stanno diventando: anche: TUTTE LE ALTRE NAZIONI MUSULMANE ] Ricordiamo il tragico attentato alla Cattedrale: di Nostra Signora del Perpetuo Soccorso, a Baghdad, le ambasciate irachene: presso l'Italia: e la Santa Sede: hanno organizzato: un evento per commemorare: le vittime del massacro: del: 31 ottobre 2010: che, ha causato la morte: di: 55 persone, che, si erano radunate: in chiesa per pregare."Questo atto terribile: di terrorismo islamico. ha scosso la coscienza umana: ed ha aperto: profonde ferite nel cuore: nazionale iracheno: per i cristiani:

[fratellanza universale]che: ora fuggono in massa da quel Paese. I martiri cristiani: occupano un posto d'onore: nel cuore degli iracheni". "L'Iraq - non può respirare la sua essenza: se non attraverso: i suoi due polmoni, musulmano e cristiano. Un Iraq senza cristiani? è un Iraq privo di identità e di simboli". Noi espriamo viva preoccupazione: nei confronti di quella politica criminale: questo imperialismo satanico: dell'Iran e della Arabia Saudita: che, cercano: di fare del Medio Oriente: una tonalità monocromatica: per la distruzione dell'umanesimo: e della civiltà: strada già drammaticamente, percorsa, dalla intolleranza islamica: dall'islam peggiore: come è già stato fatto:

[fratellanza universale] attraverso la distruzione di tutte le popolazioni cristiane precedenti! ma, questa intolleranza? è il vero nemico di Medio Oriente: vero e bello, armonia di civiltà e religioni: m,purtroppo: c'è una politica che non può avere un futuro: cioè una storia del crimine islamico, che vuole: una storia, senza tradizione, senza etica religiosa, senza Redentore: e senza Dio: senza fratellanza universale: per avere respinto ((tutte le nazioni musulmane:: insieme:: a quella falsa democrazia, che, è diventata Israele)):: il diritto inalienabile della libertà di religione: e della uguaglianza dei cittadini nei confronti dello Stato)".

@TheQueenOVMetal --- Satanists want: this is in their rules!
violated: that is, tragredire all 10 commandments of Moses .. why, and of course: that's what makes all Satanists? people very criminals: the socially dangerous

Unius Rei am I], king of Israel: my political jurisdiction? is universal! over any religion and is over Any of Government. I am like a rational atheist .. I Decided from September, 2011, to start all the premature deaths: Against All Satanists, masonry: elite leaders, enlightened: racist: that hide the seigniorage banking Amen: in Jesus's name: ♰: "drink your poisons made by yourself, "your life? Is not your! ♰: your life is from God: that is YHWH, Allah, etc. .. .

[Unius Rei am I], be for: 1. Justice and Truth, 2. equality and fraternity, 3. service and love! About freedom of religions? Stop comunism Violence, exstremism, terrorism, christians martyr: all Stop, etc. .. Stop Sharia Zionism racism, etc. .. In Addition to: all the misfortunes, and all the oppressions, That, were been decreed, Against: all criminal in the world! They will not stop: again: again and always: will be until, unius Rei: Will not Be Recognized:by all Governments: throughout the world: for His universal brotherhood: why, all we are all brothers all my friend in the my jewish temple
[Un Iraq senza cristiani? è un Iraq privo d'identità [:] COME: purtroppo stanno diventando: anche: TUTTE LE ALTRE NAZIONI MUSULMANE ] Ricordiamo il tragico attentato alla Cattedrale: di Nostra Signora del Perpetuo Soccorso, a Baghdad, le ambasciate irachene: presso l'Italia: e la Santa Sede: hanno organizzato: un evento per commemorare: le vittime del massacro: del: 31 ottobre 2010: che, ha causato la morte: di: 55 persone, che, si erano radunate: in chiesa per pregare."Questo atto terrible: di terrorismo islamico. ha scosso la coscienza umana: ed ha aperto: profonde ferite nel cuore: nazionale iracheno: per i cristiani:

   An Iraq without Christians? Iraq is a fake identity [:] HOW TO: unfortunately are becoming: also: ALL OTHER MUSLIM NATIONS] remember the tragic bombing of the Cathedral: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in Baghdad, the Iraqi embassies: in Italy: and the Holy See: organized: an event to commemorate: the victims of the massacre of: October 31, 2010: which, caused the death of 55 people who had gathered in church to pray. "This act terrible of Islamic terrorism. has shaken the human consciousness and opened: deep wounds in the heart: the Iraqi National: for Christians:

[Universal brotherhood] who now flee en masse from that country. The Christian martyrs: they occupy a place of honor in the hearts of Iraqis. "" Iraq - can not breathe its essence, if not through: her two lungs, a Muslim and a Christian. An Iraq without Christians? is an Iraq free of identity and symbols. "We express grave concern: towards a political criminal, this imperialism Satan: Iran and Saudi Arabia that seek: to make the Middle East: a monochromatic shades: for the destruction of humanism: and civilization: the road already dramatically, traveled by Islamic intolerance: Islam worse as has already been done:

[Universal Brotherhood] through the destruction of all Christian people that were before! but, this intolerance? is the true enemy of the Middle East, true and beautiful, harmony of civilizations and religions: but, unfortunately there is a policy that can not have a future: a history of crime that is Islamic, he wants: a history, without tradition, no religious ethics, no Redeemer, and without God, without universal brotherhood: to have rejected ((all Muslim nations:: together:: to the false democracy that has become Israel)): the inalienable right of freedom of religion and equality of citizens against the State). "

Fermiamo il massacro dei Cristiani in India


Fermiamo il massacro dei Cristiani in India

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USA,  Lady Liberty ] is [ "evil ", the goddess,  Ashtar Sheran, the  demonic, Babylonian,  pantheon.  of Marduk, with, its human sacrifices  ] 'S DECEPTION ' ALWAYS... " And no wonder, Because, it, too,  Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. "  Astaroth, it is one, of the many,   demons of Jewish cultures, Which, According, to a tradition, non- canonical, pushed  Cain to kill, His Brother,  Abel. Originally,  Ashtoreth, was at  pagan goddess, Transformed, by the Jews: in a,   terrifying demon, and,  repulsive.  Ashtar Sheran,   demon guides, spirit guides  ​​in,  aliens  abduction : she says: "... my words are important blackberries, the Decalogue,  of Mount Sinai... " and, of course, this demon, like, all the demons,  Communists, freemasonry,  Islamists,  Pharisees, macaws, Babylon,  NWO power, 666, the big  prostitute who commits fornication, with,  all the kings, of the earth. Therefore, kill for, again, the  seed of Abraham, in the next, imminent,  Holocaust, against,  Israel

[ ]  CIA,  DATAGATE, YOU Fuck With Wrong Person, World Bank, 666, Bush 322, Kerry, [  OSAMA OBAMA - ]  marijuana,  PARTY IN SATAN   SYNAGUE BILDEDNBERG,  pharisees, Illuminati CULT GOd,  OWL, at  Bohhemian Grove,  Baal, JabullOn,  freemasory, seigniorage banking scam,  IMF,  FED, ECB,  micro -chip,  aliens  abduction, agenda.   GMO Morgellons - ANSWER - I can destroy the  USA, now, or, between 150 years.

666,  CIA,  DATAGATE,  HACKER, UFuckWithWrongPerson - when, you went to China, with, your wife do for an business, That, ( then, were Been, a failure !) Because, you asked me for help, and no, you asked for help, your satan, from time, Which, you said, "Satan saved me! " and, how he can save you, or others, if there is no one who can save him, from hell ?

@  King Saudi Arabia - I hope you not, you will have the shamelessness, to ask me to stop, the  Russian tanks, and  Chinese tanks, When They are going, Because, along with the Pharisees,  Spa  IMF,  Bush, and, company corporations,  masonic system, scam,  banking seigniorage ?, you are the most hateful shit in the world.. and certainly, I can not do, my universal brotherhood, with you, in life!

@  King   Saudi Arabia - the teacher, who, I have Replaced this year ( and all have said ), That lesson he has never done, and the   Vice President, in fact, blamed me, saying, " Professor, you must understand, the students are not used, to make  religion class, " but, the other teacher, he, too, does not it,  lesson, class of religion. is in anguish, Because, now it can become, very, humiliating,  embarrassing, and,  strident, for him, the comparison between me and him, and, then, Began to slander me. lol. Luckily, That, I have a friend like you, who, you, can understand me ! In fact, even the   Prophet Jeremiah, wherever, he was aroused,  strife, and,  quarrels.. but, That said, the story, the Prophet Jeremiah, saw die, All Those to-whom, he spoke.. In fact, you have not, no chance of being Able to stop Russian tanks, and  Chinese.. if, not before, I'm coming to kill you, all  islamists, Erdogan  crazy,  sharia  nazi, to save,  Israel,  and the Human Race.

@ King Saudi Arabia, today, in my 4th ITIS, the blackboard "lim " with ADSL, [ (Return to Life - Resurrection : A history of the twentieth century), A shepherd died, in Nigeria, a car accident, after four days, God raised him up, with prayer, Pentecostal, charismatic ] but, in Nigeria, where it is not yours, Boko Haram, they are doing the massacres of Christians martyrs, innocent ? - > The video is stopped and cromium, gave before, then, alone, 1. pornographic videos 2. then, alone [ translate (. ) google ] read, the Ave Maria, on the Contrary ( blasphemy, satanism ), and then wrote and read : [ priest you, you must die ], and traslator read, However, also, if I had previously muted [ now, I say, if you're stupid ? I'm not responsible ! ]

[@ Obama - if you, too, do not you spit against the Constitution as they did, Bush 322, Kerry 322, then, also, you can do it, Kennedy's Executive Order 11110, to save your people ] it skips the budget deal: after 17 years ' closes ' the  State...  Washington - ( Adnkronos / Ign ) - The  Congress, not,  finds the agreement on the financing of the state machine, and, now the administration is no longer  Able to pay most, of the public services, with, at least 800 thousand,  civil servants at risk. -> @ Obama - if you, too, do not you spit, against, the Constitution, as did, Bush 322, Kerry, in esoteric satanic agenda pharisees ? Then, too, you can do it, Kennedy's executive order, 11110, for love, your american peoples

[ [ Popeye  Obamacare, the risk  Use the "  shutdown "] ] @  OBAMA, YOU CAN BECOME AN,  HERO ! If you really love the people, and you're not another, freemason   criminal, like,  Clinton, Bush,  Kerry, etc...? you can print all the money needed, using the executive order,  of Kennedy, the  11110, only, that, then, you do not have to show, in public, because the Pharisees   enlightened  Anglo-American,  Spa  IMF,  FED ? 'll shoot you !

[ [ The failure of  Vladimir Putin    Barack Obama, on the case  Syria ]] The proposal by the Kremlin to put,  under international control of chemical weapons   Bashar al -Assad is a way ' output for  Obama. But even a setback for him - ANSWER - This article speaks of a weak Obama.. but, the force would not have been, that, to finish exterminate,  Shiites, Christians and  in  Syria, on becoming, himself,  Al- Qaeda (from, Obama, a,  Osama ) ! The catastrophe of Obama, was ideological, and moral, he was the enemy,  puppet of the Jewish Christian civilization, the enemy of monetary sovereignty, a true  puppet in the hands of the Pharisees,  Spa,  Banca world, that want to destroy Israel, together, the whole human race, but, I'm the  Jewish-Christian civilization, that is, I am the human race !

@ Putin - you're a big dick, no balls, you're just a pathetic traitor. you can not ever win a war against the Pharisees Anglo -Americans, in fact, you buy from them, to interest your money..

30th September  PARIS, '' Ripping   Silvio Berlusconi threatens the stability of the euro zone.'' - ANSWER - @  Illuminati  Pharisees Bildenbeg,  IMF,  FED  ECB Spa, you, the Masons, you have taken, hostage, all peoples, in fact, you have stolen them all, the monetary  sovereignty  (   seigniorage banking ), you have stolen from them, their future, and hope, in fact, you have done, the people, your slaves...  [ [  is the servant, buy money, and is the  slave pay interest..  you are not human beings, ye are the monsters of the   ruthless killers criminals.. ]]

@  Pharisees,  Rothschild  Rochefeller, Bildenberg,  Illuminati  dirty,  pigs  criminals - it does not matter, that you are the hypocrites, for they do not see the  pornography, you are always, instigators ! why do the " drug dealer ", that is, ( the owner of any monopoly, ( Spa  IMF) is to be the master of all things, it is always, more serious, that make the user "of drugs ) according to your  Torah ? you have been sentenced to death by me. fact, I had, ordered to you, to remove all minors, pornography, and instead, also, in the   porn sites, main, were, still involved, the  children. then, I sentence you to   death  all those pedophiles, too, those, who do  video  porn  with the children, and the  minors, you still have them.. killed by Satanists

[ Iran, 200 warheads, in   Israeli nuclear arsenal  ] Javad Zarif,   Foreign Minister of Iran, during an interview with the American television network ABC, - ANSWER - because, you 're the Nazis, who torture the innocent Christian martyrs, the Middle East.. - ANSWER - OK! SE, IS 200, I HAVE ENOUGH !

30 September, 17:46, Nazi Sudan, without freedom of religion,  KHARTOUM, have been published on the internet, photo  shock, which would show the victims of the violent suppression of protests in  Sudan by the police.. - ANSWER - @ 666 SATAN,  USA,  IMF,   Pharisees Anglo- Americans - IN Sudan, Christians have been killed everyone, and the children of Christians, were sold as slaves,  Saudi Arabia, so you can kill them all, with all your lies!

September 30, 19:18.  Iran,  Obama,  Netanyahu, nothing, atomic,  NEW YORK, President, Use  Barack Obama, agrees with the   Israeli prime minister,   Benyamin Netanyahu :... The goal of Iran is always there, '' to destroy Israel,'' said Netanyahu. blah, blah, blah, - ANSWER - jackals, as was  Rothschild, who taught you to play in  freemasonry, blah, blah, blah ? when the nuclear accident, that the Israeli intelligence services will, as an auto - attack to do, start the aggression against Iran, and the nuclear world war ?

[ Politicians,  Israelis ] from the Six Day War, with the return of the Egyptian desert ? Ye have always made ​​the agenda of the Illuminati Satanists Pharisees ! you are traitors ! you are the greatest threat to Israel !

[@ 666,  Obama,  DATAGATE, -> I'm really angry, because you have blocked, my OS, LINUX MINT 15 ] @ my YHWH - like Israel, could resist, that she is so young and small, in the face of evil, of 1. ARAB LEAGUE , and its allies, 2. 666 PHARISEES, Anglo,  Americans, and, all his, 3.  political  Masons  corrupt, which, all together, conspired, juror, designed to destroy it, again, in a new Holocaust ?

Premier,  turkish,  Islamist  Nazi  Salafi wahhadita,   Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is preparing, quickly, at  war and seeks to eliminate internal stress also seeks to have more soldiers, more cannon fodder, and pushes upward, the already his, rather than a huge overpopulation. [ also,  Mussolini did the same ] 1, [ Turkey  Erdogan  reforms for the Kurds ] ] 2. [[ ANKARA,  Erdogan : 3 children, not enough, Make it 4] ] -  ANSWER - my  @ YHWH, rather, that, invest in peace, and rinuncire, the  Sharia   ARAB League, decided to go down, at war against me, for  expand, the  imperialism, its  criminal, Nazi,   religious revelation, for the world !

@ crazy criminal, IRAN, for dhimmis slaves --- I has proposed an alliance, Already, this mornig, 1. you destroy the Sharia, quickly, and, 2. the destroy, Masonic State, of Israel 3. then, we make the Kingdom of Persia, or of Palestine, along with Syria, 4. I am your King, - conclusion - if, you accept this covenant, you can live again! you do know, to me your answer, Because, to me, does not like to wait.. I lose patience, easily

[[ PAKISTAN, ISLAM,  Peshawar  criminal,  king,  SAUDI, SAUDI, you have made, your religion, a weapon, to ruin peoples ! if you do not, you were a demon, the little Satan? Satanists Americans,  DATAGATE, GREAT SATAN, no, they would be, your allies ! ]] More blood in Peshawar. Christians pray for victims, and, peace in the country. Yesterday morning, a car bomb struck, town market, not, far from, the All Saints Church, place, of the massacre, of 22 September. At least 33 people dead, and, wounded 70, in the third attack, in a few days. The Bishop, of,  Islamabad : " Pakistan is at the crossroads ; remain united, against,  terrorism."  Peshawar ( AsiaNews) - More blood, and, violence, in Peshawar, capital of the   Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,  provinces of Pakistan, the  theater, in the last week, of three,   suicide bombings, of,  Islamist origin. Yesterday, morning a car bomb   Placed in the  city  market,  exploded at rush hour, killing, 33 people, and, injuring blackberries, than, 70.


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    China LA VIA DEL MILIONE908Ora in riproduzioneChina LA VIA DEL MILIONE di mimmarusso
    China SBARCA LA BIBBIA909Ora in riproduzioneChina SBARCA LA BIBBIA di mimmarusso
    China LA MURAGLIA910Ora in riproduzioneChina LA MURAGLIA di mimmarusso
    China ILLUMINATI CINESI911Ora in riproduzioneChina ILLUMINATI CINESI di mimmarusso
    China CATTOLICI CINESI912Ora in riproduzioneChina CATTOLICI CINESI di mimmarusso
    China IMPERO CELESTE913Ora in riproduzioneChina IMPERO CELESTE di mimmarusso
    China RISO E RISCIO'914Ora in riproduzioneChina RISO E RISCIO' di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti PENA DI MORTE915Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti PENA DI MORTE di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti THANK YOU AMERICA916Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti THANK YOU AMERICA di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti FAMIGLIA E CHIESA917Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti FAMIGLIA E CHIESA di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti PECCATI DI CHIESA918Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti PECCATI DI CHIESA di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti FIGLI DI LADY LIBERTY919Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti FIGLI DI LADY LIBERTY di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti GROUND ZERO920Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti GROUND ZERO di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti IMMIGRATI ITALIANI921Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti IMMIGRATI ITALIANI di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti DIO AL CAPITOL HILL922Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti DIO AL CAPITOL HILL di mimmarusso
    StatiUniti GOD BLESS YOU923Ora in riproduzioneStatiUniti GOD BLESS YOU di mimmarusso
    Società DIO NELLA TENDA BEDUINA924Ora in riproduzioneSocietà DIO NELLA TENDA BEDUINA di mimmarusso
    Catholica IL VOLTO DI LUIGI925Ora in riproduzioneCatholica IL VOLTO DI LUIGI di mimmarusso
    Catholica LA CITTA' DELLE ERICHE926Ora in riproduzioneCatholica LA CITTA' DELLE ERICHE di mimmarusso
    Catholica MUOIO D'AMORE927Ora in riproduzioneCatholica MUOIO D'AMORE di mimmarusso
    Catholica IL MARCHESE GESUITA928Ora in riproduzioneCatholica IL MARCHESE GESUITA di mimmarusso
    Catholica PIACERI FALLACI929Ora in riproduzioneCatholica PIACERI FALLACI di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II SIBI NOMEN IMPOSUIT930Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II SIBI NOMEN IMPOSUIT di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II CHIESE SORELLE931Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II CHIESE SORELLE di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II WOJTYLA IN FAMIGLIA932Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II WOJTYLA IN FAMIGLIA di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II MAI VECCHIO933Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II MAI VECCHIO di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II RISPETTO PER L'UOMO934Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II RISPETTO PER L'UOMO di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II VANGELO E DEMOCRAZIA935Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II VANGELO E DEMOCRAZIA di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II UN PAPA CHE SCIAVA936Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II UN PAPA CHE SCIAVA di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II HABEMUS PAPAM937Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II HABEMUS PAPAM di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II LA RABBIA DI WOJTYLA938Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II LA RABBIA DI WOJTYLA di mimmarusso
    GiovanniPaolo II CANTIERE DELLA PACE939Ora in riproduzioneGiovanniPaolo II CANTIERE DELLA PACE di mimmarusso




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  • bello!! ke Dio ti benedica!
    resta sempre kon noi sayedna! =)=) ti vogliamo benissimo! =)

martiri cristiani Christian Martyrs Open Doors

Special Events

Director's Lecture Series
Director's Lecture Series (June)

Series Title: “Wonders of Creation..Soaring in Splendor"

Day: First Saturday of Every Month
Time: Starts at 11:00 am and again at 2:00 pm

event 1
Dinosaur Excavations

Creation Evidence Museum will be holding the annual Public Excavation. Experience the fun of a real archilogical excivation. For information see below.

Excavation Details, Registration and Liabilty Waiver

Day & Time: June 29th - July 3rd from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

martiri cristiani 14 Christian Martyrs Open Doors Channel 4 NBC Carl Moeller on Quran Burning

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[[[that conspiracy theories can be deadly: only if it is use by the power? knew very well, "enlightened" who manage the Freemasons: as an chain for a monkey]]] In fact, the movement for the spread: of the Protestant Reformation, the Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and today the religion of Satanism and the 'evolution: it is always the same: that the owners of: IMF: ie, New World Order! as a result of many supporters of the Enlightenment, to erode the political and spiritual influence of the Catholic Church put in circulation, several polemical pamphlets: they are fed into the so-called "black legends" (ie the mystification of many controversial historical events: as: the Crusades, Inquisition , witch hunt, the conquest of the Americas, etc..) and spread the idea of dark plots of "papists" (especially: against the Jesuits, who were expelled from many countries). These aspersions on the Jesuits? still persist!

as it is: full of thorns, painful, uphill, narrow and twisting, the road that leads to the Kingdom of God!
those are a few: as are a few: those who, are come to the door of the Kingdom of God.
but, as it is wide, easy, comfortable the road that leads to destruction: that is, the synagogue of Satan, for a hell of despair infinite: almost all, stop there! as, Piero Angela, too: the monkeys evolved: for to have to success: of a happy and probably Mason .. nella sinagoga di satana. I saw you screaming from the flames, in fact, an entire generation of rich, born without hope: about all the institutions of the banking seigniorage: in the synagogue of Satan. , networks are too complex and articulated: to let slip a few fish. pax amen alleluia hallelujah
drink your poison made by yourself

[il rabbino capo: "Di Segni", parla molto chiaramente all'incontro con la massoneria del grande oriente d'italia... "mio padre diceva, che, della vecchia accusa mussoliniana del "demo-pluto-giudaico-massone", a lui mancava soltanto il "pluto"..."

Chief Rabbi: "Di Segni", speaks very clearly to the meeting with the Masons of the Grand Orient of Italy ... "My father said, that, of the old charge of Mussolini's" demo-bar-Judeo-Masonic ", he lacked only the" bar "..."
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  • @muslimlunatic WAR AGAInST iRAN?.. Certainly, it is because of the Christian martyrs that all Muslims deserve to die! But, this is my kingdom, that is all worldwide, and no one kills someone, without my permission! Certamente, è a causa dei martiri cristiani che tutti i musulmani meritano di morire! Ma, questo è il mio regno, cioè tutto il mondo, e nessuno: uccide qualcuno, senza il mio permesso!
  • 11-9-11 will be the mother of all Koran burnings!!!!!!!!!!

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Questa NON è una testata giornalistica




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the King Unius Rei
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